Day 8: I Refuse to Chuck a Sickie!

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Dammit. I was up most of the night with an angry tummy, and when Tony got up a little after 6:00am he needed to go out and get me some Tylenol, Imodium, and water. I was having shakes and chills, and feeling crappy.

Note from Tony: Lisa will kill me for putting this up, but the picture says a thousand words.

Dammit! Who wants a bug on vacation?!

I felt sorry for myself for a few minutes while Tony was out, and once I took a bunch of medicine, I decided NOT to chuck a sickie (Australian for calling out sick from work).

My best friend Leslie is a trooper when it comes to travel, and also of being a sport when she’s sick, so I decided to channel my inner Leslie and not miss out on any of the fun scheduled for today! Off Tony and I went, to spend the day with our Sydney host, James (Garland).

We met James at the same gym we trained at yesterday. I tagged along with Tony on his bench day, since my legs were shot from yesterday’s leg day + bridge climb. After our workout, we jumped in the car with James and headed north. First we had some brekkie at The Bent Spoon in Ja Freshwater, then got back in the car and checked out Freshwater beach:

Then back in the car again headed a little farther north to Avalon beach and took a hike up to Barrenjoey lighthouse. Here are some pics:


It was great to be able to see such amazing sites! James knew where all the good photo ops were. Don’t you love this one, where Tony is totally striking a pose?:

I always find the decent is tougher on my legs than the assent, and as we walked down I could feel the leg day + the bridge climb (and descent) making my legs shake! We found a different route back down, and here are a few more pictures:

We jumped back in the car again, and James dropped us off at Manly beach! One of the “must sees”, Manly was recommended to us by almost everyone who knows anything about the Sydney area.

Unfortunately, the Tylenol I took had worn off, and I was freezing in the 82 degree weather, and ready for a nap! Tony and I lay right down in the sand and passed out for a good half hour. I am not kidding.

For lookers-on, it probably looked like we had been up for two days and had 35 shots of tequila. After sleeping soundly like a pair of hobos for 30 minutes, my plan was to jump in the ocean, but I was cold and feeling so weird (is there another way to describe what a fever feels like?) that I couldn’t do it! I did give it a try though:

Thank goodness Tony was tired too, because I felt like a buzz-kill. Eventually we walked up Manly beach and down a street lined with shops to the ferry.

The ferry from Manly to the Quay was also highly recommended to us, and reminded me of the Staten Island Ferry – except for its not being free.

Now I was full-blown lame, and fell asleep on the Ferry. But Tony took some pictures:

Luckily our hotel is a 5-minute walk from the Quay, so we were back at the hotel in a jiff. I fell asleep again, but not before taking some more Tylenol. Tony was in the mood for pizza, so we ended up at a cute little place called Zia Pina on the rocks, and then we got Tony an ice cream cone afterward.

When returned to the hotel at 7:00pm, I got in bed and really couldn’t get back out! Mega-lame. I tried to catch up on my writing, but was kind of a waste of space. Every 5-7 minutes I needed a mini-nap-break. Tony was down in the lobby using the free wifi, but I still felt bad about our boring night. I am praying that it’s just a little 24-hour bug, and that I’ll be as good as new tomorrow!

Fingers Crossed and talk to you then,

Lisa and Tony

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