Monthly Archives: March 2015

Day 9: Skippy: The Bush Kangaroo.

12 hours of sleep! I was a new woman this morning. I did need to hatch though, and not do my normal catapult out of bed (I am a morning person). So Tony and I searched Australian TV, which is slim pickings (who needs TV when you have all of this amazing weather?!). But, we… Read more

Day 8: I Refuse to Chuck a Sickie!

Dammit. I was up most of the night with an angry tummy, and when Tony got up a little after 6:00am he needed to go out and get me some Tylenol, Imodium, and water. I was having shakes and chills, and feeling crappy. Note from Tony: Lisa will kill me for putting this up, but… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 3/13/15

I’m in a bitter sweet mood as I type these words while chilling in Tropicana Cafe located just outside the reach of Circular Quay in a neighborhood called Darlinghurst (Sydney). Lisa’s sitting right across from me and we’re both sharing a piece of carrot cake while sipping on some peppermint teas. We’re classy like that…. Read more

Day 7: (Circular) Quay Day!

Friends, We were up bright and early and at the gym by 8:00am. James, our Sydney host, directed us to the nearest Anytime Fitness. Tony was relieved to be able to squat, squat, squat the morning away. I took advantage of the fully equip, non-hotel gym to also squat, then Romanian deadlift, then weighted hip… Read more


I’ve been really fortunate to have so many people willing to fill in to provide some awesome content while I’m away. Today is no different. Here’s a little sumthin, sumthin from my good friend Roger Lawson – 0r RogLaw as he’s more routinely called – calling people out on the most infamous word in fitness. Tomorrow If… Read more

The Right Tool(s) For the Job

For many people walking into a gym can be just as confusing as long division, watching a leaked copy of House of Cards spoken in Mandarin (shit!), or a Lady Gaga outfit. I don’t get it. Lets put it like this: there are a lot of machines, trinkets, and gadgets in the gym and trying… Read more

Lets Talk (Over) Conditioning

Today I have a guest post from the one and only (and lovely), Jen Sinkler. It’s a timely post because 1) I’m in Australia and Lisa would kill me if I spent all my free time working and 2) Jen’s just released her updated Lifts Weights Faster 2.0. I loved the first version when it… Read more

Day 6: Brekkie, Kangaroos, and Vegemite by Day – Sir Stamford, The Opera House, and Dinner on the Quay by Night

We slept in! 6:00am and feeling good! I only woke up kicking the Transformer-Kardashian-Wooly-Mammoth Spider of the bed once, so that was good. As I was typing up yesterday’s blog, Tony noticed a little something out of our back door, and BAM! Kangaroos first thing in the morning! Breakfast was included with our night’s stay,… Read more