Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 5/22/14

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Guess who’s Bachelor Party is tomorrow??

This guy:

While I’d like to sit here and say the whole event entails Vegas, Victoria Secret models, vodka, and F-16 fighter jets (in no particular order)….lets just say there’ll be no jets.

Or Vegas.

Or models.

Vodka? Probably.

Either way, fingers crossed the night won’t turn into some replay from the movie The Hangover where I get stuck on the rooftop of the “Pru” in downtown Boston while the rest of the guys wake up the following morning in a haze of confusion trying to piece together the previous night’s shenanigans.

Part of the plot of The Hangover included Mike Tyson (and his pet tiger). Ironically, Saturday night starts with the bunch of us heading to Agganis Arena to watch good friend and CSP athlete, Danny O’Connor, fight.

I don’t think Danny has a pet tiger.

Anyways, it’s going to be an awesome night. I can’t wait.

Here’s this week’s stuff to check out:

The OMEGA Body Blueprint – John Romaniello

If there’s anyone I’d label a “fat loss guru” it’s my good friend (and fellow nerd), “Roman.” The OMEGA Body Blueprint is the direct descendent of his breakout hit from a few years ago, Final Phase Fat Loss.

Full Disclosure: I haven’t done this program personally. But I know John, I know his programming style, and I know he always puts out quality information and content.

I’ve been able to peruse the program, and it’s top-notch.

This is an advanced fat loss program, however. The idea here is that it’s harder to lose those last 5-15 lbs than it is the first 20, 30, or even 50 lbs.

This program is designed to target those “trouble areas,” the stubborn fat (for lack of a better term), and it does so by explaining the relationship of certain hormones in the body – leptin, ghrelin, testosterone, estrogen, to name a few – and how each can be manipulated (via specific training & nutrition protocols, heavy emphasis on the latter) for improved body composition.

If you’re looking to lock yourself in and really take your fat-loss efforts to the next level, John is your man.

The OMEGA Body Blueprint has been on sale all week, and the sale ENDS THIS SATURDAY (May 23rd). Don’t miss out. Check it out HERE.

The Science Behind Caffeine –

There’s a reason why caffeine is the world’s #1 stimulant. Well, the world’s #1 legal stimulant anyways…..;o)

Does it work? Yep.

Does it have benefits? Absolutely.

But, there are limitations, and this nice summary helps explains some of them.  Be sure to check out the links for even more astoundingly thorough information and research!

Better yet: sign up for’s Supplement-Goals Reference, hands down the best, most researched, UN-BIASED supplement resource in existence.

Deadlift Mastery: Paused Deadlifts – Adam Pine


I heart paused deadlifts. I’ve written about them myself HERE. I feel they provide a tremendous amount of benefits and serve as a perfect accessory movement when needed.

Adam can deadlift 700+ lbs, you should listen to him.

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