Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 6/5/15

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Physical Preparation 101 – Mike Robertson

The best coaches are the most efficient coaches. They’re able to assess their athletes/clients and “streamline” the program writing process.

It doesn’t have to be like rocket science or solving long division.

TODAY (6/5) is the last day to purchase this fantastic resource at a significant discount ($100 off the regular price), and learn from one of the best coaches I know.

In addition, there is a 2-pay option, so that’s something to consider for those who are a bit more price sensitive.

That said, I can pretty much guarantee PP 101 will pay for itself 10x over from all the things you’ll learn, not to mention be able to immediately apply on Day #1.

This is not a cost, it’s an investment…….in yourself.

Todd Bumgardner’s New Site – Todd Bumgardner

I’ve featured many of Todd’s articles on this site in the past, so for some of you he’s nothing new. He’s the awesome.

But for the many of you who are new to the site, Todd’s someone whom I respect a ton and he’s someone I feel you should be listening to and reading.

I mean, he’s bald, he likes to lift heavy things, what’s not to like?

He just made his brand spankin new site live and it’s the shiz. I encourage you to check it out and bookmark it, cause you’re going to learn.

Pete Dupuis’ New Site – Pete Dupuis

Cressey Sports Performance’s business director and Vice President, Pete Dupuis, has finally stepped into the 21st century and started his own website.

You won’t find articles on the best set/rep schemes or how to measure glenohumeral internal rotation deficit or anything of that nature here.

What you will find is real advice and logic on how to run a fitness business, sans the cheesy buzz words (TOP SECRETS!!!!) that many internet gurus like to use.

If you’re a current business owner or an aspiring one, I’d bookmark Pete’s site too if I were you.

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Plus, get a copy of Tony’s Pick Things Up, a quick-tip guide to everything deadlift-related. See his butt? Yeah. It’s good. You should probably listen to him if you have any hope of getting a butt that good.

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