I’m, Like, So Popular. Making the Podcast Rounds.

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It’s Columbus Day here in the States. It’s a national holiday. Which means Lisa has the day off. Which means I’m going to get sucked into a day of husbandly domestication hell.

[cue Jaws theme music here]

Yep, all the guys reading know what I’m alluding to: Target.

On the bright side I’m supposedly receiving a huge shipment of equipment today…namely, my power rack from Rogue Fitness.


So it all evens out in the end.

Lisa and I are actually up early this AM and about to hit up the gym, and then we’re off to the races. I PROMISE I’ll be writing some more content later this week. Scouts honor.

In the meantime, as of late, I’ve been invited onto a bunch of podcasts and I wanted to share another one with you today.

—> Appearance on the Fit Info Club Podcast with Guy Bortz <—

I had a blast recording this one. Guy and I discussed everything from strength training to movies, programming to my affinity for eating cereal.

If you’re stuck at work today, put on a pair of headphones and enjoy. And if you’re not at work, maybe you can still find some time to listen.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some new content.

Off to Target1

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  1. Please, someone, throw an ax into my face.

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