Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 10/30/15

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I kid you not, as I type these words I am sitting in my apartment waiting for the delivery guys from Sleepy’s to drop off the new mattress Lisa and I bought the other night.

Not that any of you reading are in any way interested in mine and Lisa’s sleep quality1, but she’s had the same mattress for about a decade (and we’ve been together for six years), so it was time to upgrade.

We walked to the local Sleepy’s down the street from our apartment and spent a good two hours test driving a few mattresses2 and narrowed it down to the one that’s supposed to be arriving between 8-12PM today (or when hell freezes over, whichever comes first).

We’re totally going to be asleep at like 6 tonight. Can’t wait!

A few things before I get to this week’s list of stuff to read:

Last weekend marked my official “start date” for my new solo venture.3 I’m sub-leasing space from Run Strong Studio in Brookline, MA (Boston) and training people out of there. Here’s a little flavor for what it looks like:

A little flavor for what the new studio space looks like. Meeting clients for first time this AM. Hope they like 90s hip hop.

A video posted by Tony Gentilcore (@tonygentilcore) on

Rebecca – the woman who owns the studio – has been awesome. She’s a doctor who trains people on the side (mostly runners) in a rehab setting. When we met for the first time in person I saw she had a copy of Gray Cook’s Movement on her desk and she also dropped a few Mike Boyle and PRI references. I knew right away she was eating at the cool kids table.

Since our first meeting to now she’s allowed me to “vomit” strength and conditioning and bring in a bunch of equipment into her space. The result is what you see above.

It’s nothing fancy pants, but it’s perfect for what I’m looking to do: coach people, write awesome programs, and make them into badasses.

The first week has gone well and I’ve already had several people perform their initial assessment and are primed to get after it. If you’re in Boston and want to check things out for yourself you can go HERE.


As a reminder: Dean Somerset and I will be in Los Angeles (Anaheim) at CrossFit 714 for our Complete Shoulder and Hip Workshop the weekend of November 14th.


That’s in two weeks, yo. For more information you can go HERE.

[Cue obligatory “this is why Tony & Dean are the awesome” testimonial here]

“Being cynical of the workshop frenzy in our industry has made me extremely picky with how I spend my time and money with my educational efforts. Tony and Dean presented our group with simple and concise information that will be easy to implement into my business’ daily operations.

The assessments and corrective strategies that I learned this weekend will be very useful in any size setting which translates to me being able to spend more time growing my business while delivering an effective product. If you value your time and the quality of your work, this is a must-attend event.”

5 Pitfalls (and Fixes!) for the Barbell Back Squat – Jennifer Blake (via

We like to get overly technical when it comes to the big lifts, often to the detriment of looking past other commonly made mistakes.

This was an excellent watch from Jennifer and I recommend you watch it too.

Scientists Just Found That Red Meat Causes Cancer…Or Did They? – Kamal Patel (

It’s articles like this as to why I consider one of my GO TO resources for un-biased nutrition and supplementation information.

They rock.

Last week (another) major story broke reminding everyone that red-meat is going to kill us all. It happens every year, it’s nothing new, really, it’s not, and the mainstream media latches onto it and apocalizes (<– Yep, I just made up a word) it.


Deep breaths, relax, and read this.

We Waited 7 Years to Open a 2nd Location…Here’s Why – Pete Dupuis

Cressey Sports Performance business director, Pete Dupuis, explains why we waited seven years before pulling the trigger and opening a second location.

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  1. If you are, that’s creepy

  2. BOM CHICKA BOM BOM. Kidding.

  3. I’m basically Justin Timberlake

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  • Jake

    I'm desperate for a new mattress. I tried one of those memory foam mattresses last year and it's been miserable. Spending the money and dumping it for a traditional innerspring next month. "If it ain't broke..."

    October 30, 2015 at 7:28 pm | Reply to this comment

  • Shane Mclean

    How did you sleep?

    November 1, 2015 at 9:40 am | Reply to this comment

  • Henry

    Tony, perhaps too late but I'd highly recommend you check out Helix Sleep. New "industry-disruptor" direct to consumer mattress company that sells personalized customized foam/latex hybrid mattresses. You fill out a questionnaire with you and your partners' sleeping preferences (firmness, breath ability, sleeping position, point elasticity etc) and their algo spits out the optimal configuration. They can do an amalgamation of your and your partner's preferences or make it half and half. Prices are really affordable ($800-900 for a queen i think) and you get a 100 day trial with no questions asked money back guarantee. I got one on the back of a friends' recco and couldn't be happier with it. I sleep like a baby and my back feels GREAT. I'm never going back to a traditional spring mattress again. Recently discovered your site and love it. New loyal follower right here! Keep it up and all the best with your new venture.

    November 4, 2015 at 12:50 pm | Reply to this comment

    • TonyGentilcore

      Oh man, yeah, sorry...too late. We had our mattress delivered and we love it. Maybe ten or so years down the road, when we're in the market again for a new mattress, we'd look into Helix Sleep. Thanks for taking the time to write such a thorough review! And, welcome....I hope you stick around.

      November 5, 2015 at 7:04 am | Reply to this comment

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