Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 2/5/16

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Going to keep this quick today because I am the master of procrastination and have a boatload1 of catching up to do on programs, writing, probably watching Netflix (who am I kidding?).

But as my good friend, Ben Bruno, always states:

“If you wait till the last minute, it only takes a minute.”

I swear, I should just write programs that go like this:

A1. Squat.
A2. For an hour.
A3. You’re welcome.

That’ll save me so much time.

Oh, before I get into this week’s list, two things:

1) Be sure to check my upcoming speaking/workshop schedule HERE. Things start to ramp up in a few weeks highlighted by the Mark Fisher Fitness Motivation & Movement Lab in NYC at the end of the month and then Dean Somerset and I begin the 2016 tour of our Complete Shoulder & Hip Workshop in Toronto in March, Seattle in April, and two stops in Europe in May.

2) I’m excited to announce I’ve partnered with the company that makes my favorite supplement in the whole wide world (seriously, I can’t live without it), Athletic Greens. Click on THIS link to receive 50% off and an all-expenses paid trip to a hug, from me

You’re Not a “Hardgainer.” You Just Don’t Like To Listen – Lee Boyce

Lee hits the nail on the head with this one.

Listen, “hardgainers” do exist. Like unicorns. But more often than not it comes down to taking a little bit of accountability and admitting 1) you’re (probably) not training/eating enough and/or 2) no, really, you’re (probably) not training/eating enough.

NOTE: the hardgainer-unicorn comment was a joke, Relax.

Exercise Spotlight: Kettlebell Windmill – Karen Smith

I see this exercise being butchered ALL. THE. TIME….interpreted – falsely – as something where you just “bend over and reach towards the floor. Weeeeeeeeeeeee.”

When I see the kettlebell windmill performed in this manner – especially by personal trainers or coaches –  it makes me want to take the kettlebell they’re holding in their hand and punch them in the face with it.

Excellent, excellent article from Karen Smith on the topic.

3 Ways to Get Out of Shoulder Pain – Andrew Millett

Andrew has been a long-time client at Cressey Sports Performance, and he’s also a well-respected physical therapist within the Boston area.

It’s amazing to see that he’s now doing more writing and putting out some awesome content.

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