Day 1: The Gentilewis European Adventure Begins!

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Thank you for joining Tony and I on our European Adventure!

I am currently delirious and have been up since 4:15am Thursday… as I write this, it is 1:18pm Friday. But isn’t that how all European adventures begin??

If you’re just tuning in, thanks for reading about our trip! If you’re a friend or a family member who likes updates about how we’re doing and what you’re up to – you’ve come to the right place.

Our journey began after work on Thursday, when we headed to Logan airport in rush hour traffic. I was exited to fly on British Airways for the first time:

British Airways

I am sorry to say that the first time will most assuredly be the last time. Climbing aboard a 787 was cool – but that’s about it. If you have the cash for business class, the seats look amazing! (First class is upstairs, so I can only imagine it’s heaven on earth with bare chested servers and a harpist) but the minions sit in a horrible short, narrow little seat, and Tony and I were in the middle of four seats.

It was bad.

Tony didn’t have a place to put his backpack (no food or luggage room in front of him). I had a meanie on the end of the isle who was so mad about the first time that I got up to pee, that I didn’t get up to pee for the next 5 hours.

The good news?

Since it’s British Airways, TV included SEASON 6 of DOWNTOWN ABBEY!!!!! I believe it was the only thing that kept me from punching my grouchy end-of-the-isle neighbor in the side of the head.

Downton Abbey

6 hours and 3.5 episodes of Downton Abbey later, we arrived.

In flight, we were served bread for dinner, cheesecake for dessert, and then some more bread for breakfast.

How do people live this way?

Not sure, but buzzing from the lack of sleep and carbohydrate overload, Tony and I spent an hour meandering from one part of Heathrow international airport to the next, finding breakfast along the way, and this:


The second leg of our British Airways flight was no better than the first. Right off the bat, the attendants insisted on checking our “international measurements approved” carry on luggage bag!

Second, we were seated in an exit row – great, right? NOPE! We had to let go of our backpacks, which meant no reading material or anything to keep me awake for the next several hours.

We made it to Prague (Praha), and as soon as we left customs, it was easy to spot our host! (Imagine Daniel Day-Lewis, but Jacked, tatted, and Czech).

After a ride to dead center of the city ,we checked in to our 2 bedroom apartment! (With living room and full kitchen, we’ll be sharing with Tony’s business partner and seminar co-ninja, Dean Somerset, and his wife Lindsay).

Then we walked around for a bit, found a table front and center of Old Town Center, and had a few beers, a salad, and a smile (just to clarify, I had the beers. Tony had the salad.).

Dinner View

Dinner view. Front row seat in Old Town Square

Dinner Beer

After some food we walked to the supermarket and carried a way-too-heavy amount of food and water home to stock our fridge for the week!

Then, we had to stay up.

Dean and Lindsay were taking the train in from Paris, and arriving around 9pm. But Tony and I were ready to sleep at 6:00pm!!

Zonked Out

So we tried and we tried.

Thank God Tony made it until 9:00pm!

Dean and Lindsay were exhausted from a 13 HOUR BUS RIDE from Paris, so we all hit the hey for a big night sleep!

Sending Love and talk to you tomorrow,


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  • linda

    Well, I'm neither a family member or a friend (not that that wouldn't be cool!), but I think this travelogue is a great idea! Thanks for sharing Lisa! Hope the rest of your stay and trip to Norway is better than getting there!

    May 14, 2016 at 6:47 pm | Reply to this comment

    • TonyGentilcore

      Thanks for reading! Lisa does an awesome job with this. If you scroll back a bit in the "Miscellany" section of the website you can read what she wrote when we were in Australia.

      May 15, 2016 at 5:10 am | Reply to this comment

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