Day 2: Naplavka and Vysehrad Fortress

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Day 2

After an amazing 12 hours of sleep, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed! I found the nearest open coffee shop, grabbed myself one, and brought one home for Dean. Tony was whipping up some eggs, and the boys were getting ready for Day 1 of “The Complete Hip and Shoulder Workshop” (available on DVD soon!).

Here’s Tony in our Rockin’ 1970’ European kitchen!

Tony making eggs in the kitchen

After the boys left, Lindsay and I headed out. Thanks to Zuzi and Jan at The Taste of Prague, I had many tips and guides for good food and sightseeing in the city!

Today’s itinerary was The Perfect Saturday itinerary, which is from their website. Making our way to The Vysehrad Fortress, we passed by the Philharmonic:

The Philharmonic

The Charles River Bridge


And then my favorite, the Naplavka Farmer’s Market!

The Market 1

Crepes at the market

Farmer's Market Food

Filled with produce, meat, homemade food and drinks, and plenty of local wines and beers, the market also had clothing and jewelry from local artisans. We grabbed some extremely cheap produce for the fridge back at the apartment, and then hit up the fortress.

Atop a long set of stairs, we had lazy lunch next to the fortress. It was a warm and sunny day, and lots of locals were out for some coffee or beer. We walked back home along the river, to meet up with the boys and hear about Day 1 of the seminar.

1:30am in Edmonton, 3:30 am in Boston, and 9:30am in Prague, @tonygentilcore and I dropping shoulder and hip shenanigans all weekend at @barbargym this weekend

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Tony and Dean arrived back home around 6pm – just long enough to change clothes, freshen up, and head to dinner!

We ate at a local spot with “traditional Czech food.”

Not only did Tony have the Goulash – but he has a shot!

If you don’t know, Tony does not ever drink alcohol (he hates the taste). The Ex-Pat American next to me at dinner explained, “this is basically Czech moonshine”. I thought it tasted like tequila… Tony threw it back like a champ!

Tony's shot

And I had the pigs knee. It was delicious!

Pigs Knee

After some dessert we walked back home and couldn’t wait to get some sleep.

Good night and talk to you tomorrow! Lisa (and Tony).

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