Day 3: Rain, Rain!

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Day 3: Rain Rain!

Today started off with a coffee machine mishap.

Dean and I thought it would be smart to just use the coffee maker in the apartment, instead of running out for a little coffee in the morning.

Unfortunately, due what dean believes is a design flaw, I walked into the kitchen 10 minutes after starting the coffee to find brown water everywhere, and a vomiting coffee machine! So after cleanup, I headed out, once again, to what is fast becoming my favorite coffee place: Bakeshop:

After a little coffee and breakfast, the boys ran to their workshop, and Lindsay and I took our own separate little runs.

Lindsay (I can only imagine) probably actually ran. I, on the other hand, jogged about 20-40 feet, and then stopped to take a few photos…

running charles bridge

Here is :

running 1

And then …

running 2

Franz Kafka museum

And also:

running 3

So after my jog/photo interval session, I took a shower and got ready for the day. It was rainy and gross, but we really wanted to get out to see the library, The Klementium.

First Lindsay and I made lunch from the amazing and CRAZY cheap produce we found at the farmer’s market yesterday, and then we set out!

It was cold and rainy, but that didn’t stop the tourists! They were everywhere.

After some walking around, we came across the building where the library was, but walked around all 360 degrees of the building before figuring out how to enter.

Unfortunately the next tour was not beginning for some time, and we couldn’t handle staying out that long in the pouring rain.

So off we went… this time finding the Nardoni Gallery! We checked out the Old Master’s collection, with a mix of some Picasso, renaissance, and Czech artists.

Narodni Gallery

The weather started to improve, and we went on a manhunt for some laundry detergent… not the easiest to find in the center of an ancient city with a drove of tourists and the matching gift shops.

After the mission was accomplished, I found myself back at the Bakeshop for another espresso and a few treats for Tony.

We came home to relax a bit before the boys came home, and suddenly Dean texted Lindsay to explain they would stop by in a few minutes to pick us up so that we could have dinner at Tomas and Linka’s house!

Here is the AMAZING view from their roofdeck!

roof deck 1

roof deck 2

Lenka is 9 months pregnant, but was a spectacular hostess. Somehow, they got Tony to drink moonshine a second time (still not sure how this is happening), and Dean had him take a sip of Scotch.

Tony drinking scotch

Here is Dean and Tony with our wonderful host, Tomas:

Tomas Dean Tony

Another amazing day! See you tomorrow,

Lisa (and Tony).

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