Deadlift and Chill: Appearance on the Fit Info Club Podcast

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Deadlift Black and White Attempt

Guy Bortz was kind enough to invite back onto his show for a second time this past week, and the link is now live.

I know there are a lot of fitness podcasts out there jockeying for your attention, but Guy is building quite the empire with the guests he’s been able to line up:

  • Dan John
  • Dr. John Rusin
  • Nick Winkelman
  • Greg Nuckols
  • Dean Somerset
  • Mark Fisher
  • Tony Bonvechio
  • Pete Dupuis
  • Kamal Patel
  • Max Shank
  • Mike Israetel
  • Mike Boyle
  • General Hawk from GI Joe

You should listen – he’s doing an awesome job. And I think what I like most about this podcast is that it’s very conversational in tone.

Just two dudes talking shop.

This time around we discuss my leaving Cressey Sports Performance, branding, how to do it well, and we also touch on training hips, shoulders, and deadlifts.

And there’s some small-talk about movies at the start….;o)

You can go HERE to listen.

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Plus, get a copy of Tony’s Pick Things Up, a quick-tip guide to everything deadlift-related. See his butt? Yeah. It’s good. You should probably listen to him if you have any hope of getting a butt that good.

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