Porcelain Post: The Key to a Perfect Training Program

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NOTE: the term “Porcelain Post” was invented by Brian Patrick Murphy and Pete Dupuis. Without getting into the specifics, it describes a post that can be read in the same time it takes you to go #2.


The Key to a Perfect Training Program

Here’s the thing: there is no “key,” or ideal way.

First of all, everyone is different. What works for one person may not be the best fit for someone else.

We can sit here and argue over ideal exercise selection, exercise order, sets/reps, high-bar squats vs. low-bar, rest intervals, and whether or not it’s best to use a 2-1-2 tempo or a 1-2-1.1.

None of it matters if you don’t show up.


Props to Charlie Reid for this.

The best set/rep scheme for your client(s), especially beginners, is the one that gets them in the gym 3x per week for 52 weeks. Get them to master that – the art of SHOWING UP –  and magical things will happen.

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  1. I prefer 2-1-2 on odd days, and 1-2-1 on even days. Unless it’s a Wednesday then I feel 3-2-1 is best.

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