Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 6/17/16

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As this post goes live I’m in route to Austin, TX with my wife Lisa to take part in our inaugural Strong Body-Strong Mind Workshop.

We’re excited because we both feel this is an underserved “niche” within the fitness community. The stuff I’ll be speaking about is nothing new – program design, breaking down squat and deadlift technique, why Darth Maul is the best Sith Lord ever, you know the important stuff.

While I feel I offer a unique perspective on all of those things and feel I have expertise, they’re all topics that are covered by many other coaches.

However, it’s the stuff the two of us will be speaking about in tandem – The Art of Coaching & Behavior Change, how to increase motivation and autonomy with your clients, how to assess your client’s willingness to change – that’ll be the real treat to the attendees attending.

Well there’s that, and the 0.01% chance they all witness a marriage crumbling before their eyes. This is mine and Lisa’s first attempt at working with one another.

Either the weekend ends as a glorious success, complete with high-fives and a ticker-tape parade, or we’ll be hiring divorce lawyers and fighting over custody of the cat.

And who gets the VitaMix.1

The 6 Biggest Lies About Eating Meat – Mike Sheridan

I always appreciate articles like this.

Coincidentally, best read while eating a steak….;o)

How to Reduce Your Risk of Injury – Ann Wendel

Girls Gone Strong resident physical therapist, Ann Wendel, chimes in with some sage advice on what “functional training” really means.

Optimizing Movement – Eric Cressey & Mike Reinold

With their 4th installment in the Functional Stability Training series, Eric and Mike break down “movement,” from the assessment process to the gym floor.

The sale price ($30 off) only lasts until the end of this weekend, so act quickly while you can to take advantage.

How to Test Overhead Mobility – Me

In my latest article for Men’s Health I break down one of the easiest ways to “screen” for overhead mobility, and what you can do to improve it.

Epic beard not included.

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  1. I’d totally get it. 100%. No doubt in my mind. Oh, hey babe….what’s with the knife? Babe? BABE? Noooooooooooo.

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