Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 7/8/16

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In case you weren’t keeping track, there’s only three more weekends until Jason Bourne comes out.

I can’t begin to explain how excited I am for this movie. It’s gotten to the point where every time I walk into a room I can’t help but yell out, “My god, it’s Jason Bourne.”

It’s like a tick.

My wife’s eyes are tired from rolling them so much.

Like many fans I’ve also primed myself by re-watching the entire trilogy again, for the 17th time.1

In addition, I’ve been telling people they should read the books, you know, if they’re real fans.

Outside of the first few chapters of Identity, the books are completely different from the movies so you don’t have to worry about any spoilers. Other than Bourne dies.

LOL – just kidding.2

I’m so freakin pumped for this movie!!!!

[Rolls up a magazine. Heads outside to fight a complete a stranger].

Strong Body-Strong Mind Workshop Coming to London

My wife and I will be in London the weekend of August 6-7th for a 2-day Strong Body-Strong Mind workshop.

This will be a great experience for any fitness professional looking to learn more on behavior change, mindset, building autonomy & competence with their clients, as well as program design, assessment, and learning how to coach common exercises such as the deadlift and squat.

Only 12 spots have been made available for attendees outside of The Third Space on a first-come-first-serve basis, so act quickly!

NOTE: I will make exception(s) for any Game of Thrones actors who want to attend.

Contact Luke Worthington (info in flier above) for more details.

Onto this week’s list of stuff to read…..

Usain Bolt, The Movement Police, and Keyboard Sprinting Experts – Doug Kechijian

I applaud Doug for how articulate he was in writing this.

Context is everything.

I wish people would just mind their own business, STFU, and keep their “never trained an elite athlete in their life” commentary to themselves.

The Mind-Boggling Bullshit of Health and Fitness – Nia Shanks

You know we’ve failed as an industry when the people we “serve” ask insane questions like “is it okay if I eat an apple?”

Why Just “Eating Healthy” Won’t Help You Lose Fat – Jorden Pagel

This is a slightly older post from Jorden (April 2016) that I just had the opportunity to read. But man was it worth the wait.

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  1. The 4th movie, The Bourne Legacy, you know the one with Jeremy Renner, while “okay,” doesn’t count.

  2. Or am I?

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