Exercises You Should Be Doing: Band Resisted Landmine Thrust

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It’s coming.

Except in this case, what’s “coming” isn’t something nefarious like Wildlings from north of the Wall or White Walkers.

Hell, to say “it’s coming” doesn’t always have to imply something dark or foreboding does it?1

I mean, maybe what’s coming is a 2 for 1 burrito bowl sale at Chipotle, or, I don’t know, a light breeze?

Both would be lovely, but neither are it.

What is coming – finally, to purchase – is The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint.


Dean Somerset and I are set to release this sucker to the masses next week (November 1st). It’s an 11+ hour digital product that we’re both really proud of and feel will help a lot of fitness professionals out there looking to improve their assessment and program design skills.

Needless to say, a week out, it’s the chaos before the storm. We’re both gearing up for a hectic week and attempting to generate a ton of quality content for launch week next week.

Can you dig it?


Don’t be too bummed out that I may be less prolific for the next 10-14 days with my own content on this site. I’m still gonna try my best stay on top of things.

However, posts may be a bit more brief than usual. Like today….;o)

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Band Resisted Landmine Thrust


Who Did I Steal It From: Coaches such as Ben Bruno, Bret Contreras, and Chad Rodgers.

What Does It Do: For those who struggle with overhead pressing – yet still want to train the pattern – this is a nice alternative. Landmine variations in general are a good fit for those who lack overhead mobility because they tend to keep trainees out of the “danger zone” with regards to “usable” ROM with shoulder flexion.

What does adding the band do?

1)  I feel it helps engage anterior core more, which will help prevent any excessive overarching from the lumbar spine.

2) It helps “slow down” the bar at the top of the movement, which can make it a little more joint friendly for those with cranky shoulders.

3) You’re forced to control the eccentric (lowering) portion to a higher degree in an effort to resist the pull of the band.


4) It’s just looks badass.

Key Coaching Cues: It’s hard to see in the video due to the lighting, but one end of the Monster Mini-Band is wrapped around the barbell and the other end is underneath my feet (I’m standing on top of it).

Be cognizant of not allowing the shoulders to roll forward too much, cue yourself to keep your chest up. From there “thrust” the barbell up in an explosive manner making sure to keep abdominals braced and glutes active throughout. Lower controlled, again being aware not to allow the shoulders to roll forward.

Give this one a try and let me know what you think.


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  1. It’s not lost on me that the current political shitstorm of epic fucktastery can easily be tossed into the mix here.

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