Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 10/7/16

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The Sox lost last night, so eff it….lets just get into this week’s list of stuff to read.

Copyright: maglara / 123RF Stock Photo

Copyright: maglara / 123RF Stock Photo

Some Stuff to Check Out Before You Read Stuff

1. Last Call: Dean Somerset and I will be in Minneapolis, MN (at Movement Minneapolis) next weekend (Oct 15-16th) for our final Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint workshop in 2016. It’s going to be an awesome, especially since Dean promised to lip sync You Outta Know by Alanis Morissette while discussing hip anteversion. Because, you know, he’s Canadian she’s Canadian, it makes sense.1

Go HERE for more information and to sign-up.

2. CORE (<– that’s my studio in Boston) will be hosting the I Am Not Afraid to Lift (Mindset Edition) workshop featuring Artemis Scantalides and my wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis.

Date: Sunday, November 6, 8AM-5PM.


If you’re interested in learning more about kettlebell and bodyweight training, proper technique, programming, as well as how to develop sound mindset strategies to enhance performance, this workshop will be a great use of your time.

This workshop is appropriate for women who lift of all levels, from women who have never lifted weights before, to beginners to advanced lifters. Men have attended too…;O)

Early bird rate ends THIS SUNDAY (10/9) and there are only five spots left. For more information you can click HERE (<– click events tab).

3. For a little change of pace I started Dr. John Rusin’s Functional Hypertrophy Training program this week.

  • OMG I have been so sore all week (but in a good way). Definitely more volume than I’m used to, which is a good thing. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve done something like this. I’m looking forward to the process.
  • I’m learning a lot doing it. I can tell John put a lot of thought into the structure of the program and everything – from exercise selection to exercise order – makes sense and has a purpose.
  • Fuck him for making me so sore.

My plan is to do this program for a minimum of 12 weeks and to detail some of my experiences along the way via social media. If you’d like to jump in on the action go HERE and then use the code TG10 to save a little money off your purchase. Lets get jacked (and commiserate) together…;o)

And now lets get to the stuff to read.

6 Ways to Reduce Shoulder Pain During Squats – Tony Bonvechio

It’s common for many lifters to experience shoulder pain or discomfort when squatting, especially with heavier loads and/or frequency.

In this article CSP coach Tony B breaks down some strategies you can implement or consider to prevent that from happening in the first place.

What Women Should Eat to Build Muscle – Dr. Cassandra Forsythe

Cass hits everything in this article – how much protein to eat, whether or not nutrient timing matters, and attempting to finally putt an end to carbohydrate phobia. And those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Excellent article here.

Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach – Wil Fleming


TODAY (Friday, October 7th) is the last day this certification will be open. Wil is one of the best OLY coaches out there and this resource is, hands-down, one of the most thorough (and accessible) of its kind I have come across in a while.

If you’re a coach/personal trainer and looking to take your skill-set to the upper echelons of excellence you can’t go wrong here. And, it’s at a very affordable price.

Don’t miss out, go HERE, and clean up those cleans.

Social Media Highlights

I see many of my colleagues doing this and figured I’d jump in on the action. You know, cause I’m important.



The 1-Legged RDL is a great exercise, but lends itself to some common errors. Top video showcases a poor looking example. Very little hinging coming from the hips and almost looks as if I’m just lowering the DBs with my arms. Notice, too, how I lose spinal position and bend at my waist. BOTTOM video showcases a proper RDL. Some cues I like: 1) backside stays long. Meaning from head to heel I should stay in a straight line. Here I also like to cue “move your heel away from your head as far as possible.” Another cue that works (mostly for geeks) is “pretend your Han Solo in Episode IV in that scene when him and Luke are in the trash compactor and you need to push the walls away with your head and heel.” 2) The big toe of the moving leg should stay pointed towards the floor the entire time and towards midline of the body. This will help prevent the hips from rotating too much. And 3) the idea is to get the hips to do the work via a hinge pattern. Many people get in the habit of actively using their arms to lower the DBs towards the floor. Instead I like to cue people “soft knee, and the only way the DBs are moving is by you moving BACK into the hip.” The idea is not to lower DBs all the way to the floor. Some people may be able to do so and keep good spine position, but that’s about as rare as a Vegan Centaur. Move via the hip and use your “usable ROM” keeping good form, and over time that may improve. And yes, that’s Madonna playing in the background. So what. #singlelegtraining #rdl #personaltraining #coachingcues #doingshitright

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