Cut the Sh!t Get Fit Podcast Appearance

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I had the pleasure of being invited onto the Cut the S#!t Get Fit Podcast recently hosted by Rafal Matuszewski.

Needless to say he hooked me at the title.

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The only way you could possibly name a podcast more suited for my personality would be if you named it “The Deadlift Show” or, I don’t know “Dead Animal Flesh is Delicious Show.”

Nevertheless, it was a pleasure to be invited onto the show (which, coincidentally, has had several other esteemed guests such as Dan John, Krista Scott-Dixon, George Fear, and Jordan Syatt, to name a few).

Rafal and I discussed several topics, including fat-loss specific training (my take on it is a bit different than most), training for women, and my experience taking the Pinnertest.

It’s a short and sweet interview – 50 minutes – and is perfect if you’re looking to pass a little time today if you’re driving, at work, or stuck on public transit. Or if you just like listening to my voice, that’s cool too.

You can check it out HERE.

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