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Even More Becoming a Brick Shit House

Pat Davidson is the best interview on the internet. He developed one of the most badass training programs in recent memory – MASS – a few years ago, and the interview(s) he and I did – Becoming a Brick Shit House HERE and HERE – were the most popular in this site’s history. Well, he’s back…. Read more

Cut the Sh!t Get Fit Podcast Appearance

I had the pleasure of being invited onto the Cut the S#!t Get Fit Podcast recently hosted by Rafal Matuszewski. Needless to say he hooked me at the title. Copyright: dr911 / 123RF Stock Photo The only way you could possibly name a podcast more suited for my personality would be if you named it… Read more

Two Dudes Talking Shop

I had the pleasure of recording an interview with Harold Gibbons, a fitness writer and trainer at Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC yesterday. The word “interview” is used loosely here, because it wasn’t so much an interview as it was two intelligent and uncannily witty dudes sitting down to talk shop on things ranging from… Read more

Lifting Heavy and Staying Injury Free: Interview on

A few weeks ago I had the honor of being asked to take part in an interview for the website – a health and fitness site created by Marc Perry which caters to busy professionals and helps provide ammunition to lead a lean, fit, and strong life. While many people resort to snorting cheese… Read more

Cameo Appearance on The Fitcast

In lieu of yesterday’s Tolstoy’esque post (man, that was a long one), and given the fact that my brain is already in beach mode with Labor Day weekend right around the corner, today I’m just going to direct you to an interview I… Read more