Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 11/18/16

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Lets jump right into it.

Stuff to Check Out Before You Read Stuff

1. Hey, hey, hey…it’s my wife’s Birthday tomorrow. Anyone who knows Lisa well knows how much she loves b-days.


Year 36 was a huge year for her. It was her first FULL year of life being married, which was excellent of course. She traveled with me to Europe, twice. Also excellent. And she’s currently busy building a human being inside her. Like, whoa.

In addition, she started to make some waves within the fitness industry this past year. She’s made numerous appearances on several health/fitness podcasts, our Strong Body-Strong Mind workshop we do together became a thing (NOTE: we’re taking requests for 2017), and she and Artemis Scantalides are building something special with their I Am Not Afraid to Lift workshops.

In fact, the two of them (along with Julia Ladewski) are putting on a stellar retreat in Arizona next year.

It’s designed by women for women.

If you’re a woman and interested in being surrounded by other like-minded women in learning anything and everything with regards to kettlebell training, the barbell lifts, nutrition, and mindset strategies…this event is going to be right up your alley.

You can go HERE to check out more details.

And finally……LISA JOINED FACEBOOK in 2016! You can go HERE and “friend” her if you want. I’m sure she’d love a b-day shout out.

2. I also wanted to take the opportunity to remind people about the Pedestal Footwear Kickstarter that’s currently underway. I’m a big fan and fully support their product and mission.

They’re only three-days in and 80% towards their goal. Amazing stuff.

Take a look….

3. One more day down until the premier of Rogue One. Not that I’m excited or anything.

And now, the stuff you should read….

6 Reasons You Should Care About Your Poop Health – Krista Scott-Dixon

As if I could resist sharing something like this.

Despite my cheeky, juvenile tone…this is actually a very serious topic and wonderful article explaining what it means when your poop looks a certain way. It actually tells you a lot.

There Is No Such Thing As a “Girl” Version of an Exercise – Meghan Callaway

I think the title says it all.

Fit Pros: the words you use matter.

The easiest culprit to toss under the bus here is the “girl” push-up. I hate, nay, I fucking hate the connotation it breeds.

“Oh, you’re a girl, you’re weak and frail, so we’re going to do this (shitty) exercise instead.”

No, stop it.

How to Be a Good Fitness Writer – Erica Sutter

I’m a sucker for energy drinks, Star Wars references (obviously), deadlift videos, and articles about writing.1

I found this article to be brilliant in its simplicity.

No other way to summarize than to quote Erica directly from an exchange we had the other day when I said how much I enjoyed this article:

“No easy answer but just to write, screw up, and get better!”

BTW: About the only other way the picture above could be more staged (perfect posture, smiling, cup of coffee within arms reach) is if Erica had a copy of Stephen King’s “On Writing” underneath the cup of coffee. Pffft, amateur….;o)

Social Media Highlights



Front squat is coming along nicely. Lisa and I drove back to Boston from NYC yesterday and the last thing we both wanted to do was hit up a lengthy training session after sitting in a car for four hours. But we wanted to move around a bit. I decided to work up to a heavy(ish) single on front squats (275 lb) and thought I smoked it. Probably could have hit 300, but decided to do a back off set with 225 for 8-10 after that. Then I proceeded to do some band resisted hip thrusts (3×20), seated band rows (3×30), and then topped things off with a few sets of KB rope curls. Sometimes you gotta listen to your body and just go in and get some quality reps, break a small sweat, and call it a day.

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