Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: Tons of FREE Content Edition

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Oh, hello. You may have noticed that Dean Somerset and I have been all over the internet this week promoting our new resource Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint. Collectively we’ve written about 717 guest posts and appeared on 32 different podcasts.


Okay, maybe not quite those high of numbers. But it sure feels like it. We may have even hit the threshold where we’ve hit annoying political ad territory and people would rather jump into a shark’s mouth than read another article, Tweet, or Facebook post on shoulders and hips.

By now I’m sure there’s a fair portion of the population that’s “had it up to here” with Dean and I.


If it’s any consolation…all this week we have both been pumping out tons of FREE content in addition to all the free content other fitness pros have been churning out to help get the word out.

So, shut up….;o)

Below is everything I could find. Enjoy. No purchase required.2

Stuff Written by Dean or Tony

I didn’t include THIS article I wrote for my site yesterday yelling at the internet for telling everyone that deadlifts are dangerous. Except, you know, I just did include it.

3 Bro-Style Exercises That Are Actually Good For Shoulders

Dean discusses bicep curls in this one. BICEP CURLS. For shoulder health.

It doesn’t get any more bro-style than that.

The Best Drills for Healthy Shoulders and a Big Bench – StrengthTheory’s Site

Dean and I break down some (hopefully) new-to-you drills and exercises you can implement today to keep your shoulders from flipping you the middle finger long-term.

Hip Variations and Why My Squat Isn’t Your Squat – Mike Reinold’s Site

This post will satiate any appetite for anatomy geekery, and will explain why it’s unfortunate that some coaches out there STILL think everyone needs to squat THEIR way.

3 Biggest Mistakes Trainers Make With Assessments – John Rusin’s Site

The title pretty much sums it up. Are YOU making these mistakes?

5 Common Hip Training Mistakes – Eric Cressey’s Site

All I can say here is that Dean is super smart.

Training the Overhead Athlete (and Meathead) – Mike Robertson’s Site

While there are differences to appreciate when it comes to training the overhead athlete vs. the meathead. There are more similarities than you think.

Stuff Written By Some of Dean and Tony’s Fitness Industry BFFs

Shoulder Strategies and Hip Helpers: Part I – Eric Cressey

Eric highlights 1) his affinity for alliterations (the title) and 2) some of his take-home points that resonated with him from watching the Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint.

Are Your Shoulders Ready to Overhead Press? – Tony Bonvechio

Tony B shares some his insights on overhead pressing, how to assess it, how to “fix” it, and some more user-friendly options you can pepper in to keep your shoulders healthy.

6 Essential Shoulder Insights – Nancy Newell

Cressey Sports Performance coach Nancy Newell sharing HER take-aways from watching you know what.

She picked some good ones.

The BEST Educational Resources for Trainers and Owners – Mark Fisher

^^^ That guy (the one on the dragon) knows what’s up.

Podcast Appearances

If you’d rather listen than read our shit, check these out.

Vigor Ground Fitness & Performance Podcast – Luka Hocevar

Is it weird I’m wearing my own t-shirt? Dean and I recorded this video earlier this year when we were both in Seattle at Luka’s place.

Physical Preparation Podcast – Mike Robertson

Dean makes a cameo on Mike’s podcast and Canada will never be the same.

LEO Training Podcast – Joe DeLeo

Dean made his rounds this week on podcasts, talking more shop with Joe and crushing it.

Sale is Winding Down

Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint is currently on sale at $60 off the regular price. But that only lasts until this Saturday (11/5) at midnight.


Come on. What are you waiting for? You get 11+ hours of amazing content that I know will make you better at your craft, along with CEUs, and it has the backing of a many of the top coaches and trainers around. Sooooooooooooo.


Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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