Best Articles of 2016: My Picks

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Yesterday I shared the Best Articles of 2016 according to my readers. You all have great taste, but today it’s my turn. Below are my picks of the best articles I wrote this past year.


Lets Pump the Brakes Internet: No, Deadlifts Won’t Make Your Spine Explode. And No, Not Everyone Had To Do Them

The idea here was to speak against blanket statements. I hate when people say deadlifts are always dangerous and that everyone should avoid them. That’s just not true.

The Difference Between Good and Bad Stiffness

The common theme is that all muscular stiffness is bad. I’d argue it isn’t. The true answer is that “it depends.”

NOTE: Ironically, no penis jokes in this one….;O)

How to Make Your Programs Programs Your Clients Will Actually Follow

You write the most pristine program for a client, spend hours on it to the finest detail. Thing is: your client either doesn’t follow it or hates it.


How to Write Content That Will Get Read

It’s never been easier to be heard, but it’s never been harder to get heard.

Social media and blogs make it easy to get your stuff out there. However, it makes it easier for everyone else to do the same thing. Here are some thoughts on how you can get your shit read by more people.

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