Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/11/17

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As you’re reading this I’m likely 35,000 feet in the air making my way back from Florida to Boston. What’s also likely is Lisa and I trying not to destroy the back of our pants juggling a 6-month old lap to lap in an effort to keep him at bay and not terrorize the rest of the passengers.

Knowing today was going to be a wash in terms of productivity I planned a head and prepped this week’s list of stuff to read a day early.

Lets get to it.


Check This Stuff Out First

1) Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Orlando

There’s only less than three weeks left to take advantage of the Early Bird rate for Dean Somerset and I’s workshop in Orlando, at Spark Fitness, the weekend of October 21st.

I’ve never been to Orlando. I bet it’s going to be beautiful in October. Yet, there’s no way in hell I’m visiting Disney World.1

You can go HERE for more details and to sign up.

HEADS UP: We’ve also added Boston into the mix later this year. Not Burlington Boston or Beverly Boston, two cities that are lovely, albeit not (that) close to Boston.

No, this is IN Boston. In the heart of the city Boston, at AMP Fitness.

Early bird rate is in effect now and if you’re super eager to sign-up you can go HERE.

2) Elite Fitness & Performance Summit – Chicago


I’ll be in Chicago this September alongside some other phenomenal speakers for the Elite Fitness & Performance Summit. The cast includes:

  • Nick Tumminello
  • Mark Fisher (if I have to follow him on stage I’m going to be pissed)
  • Josh Henkin
  • Nick Berry
  • Molly Galbraith
  • Krista Scott-Dixon
  • Ryan Ketchum

And many, many more.  It’s one of the most action-packed fitness events of the year, so be sure to reserve your seat ASAP.

Stuff To Read

Precision Nutrition ‘Hot Topic’ Report – John Berardi

I trust the people over at Precision Nutrition implicitly. If there’s ever a topic on nutrition I’m curious about or if a client has questions I almost always defer to them.

Today’s nutrition climate is sooooooo confusing and dichotomous. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? It’s sometimes hard to ascertain if something is BS or legit.

Well, PN (or, more specifically, the legend himself, John Berardi) just released this awesome, FREE, multi-day mini-course covering nutrition “hot topics” like whether grains are good/bad for you, the good and bad detoxes, whether you should be worried about GMOs, the facts about post-workout nutrition, nutrient timing, calorie counting, and, like, do unicorn tears really increase protein synthesis by 119%?

All the important stuff is covered.

The Best Fat Loss Article On the Motherfuckin’ Internet – Aadam Ali

There’s a kid-friendly link somewhere on the internet that refers to this as the “Best Fat Loss Article on the Motherlovin‘ Internet.”

Fuck that.


THIS ladies and gents is what it means to write with infotainment in mind.

Tony Was a Weirdo, So Mark Started a Gym – Pete Dupuis

True story:

Pete sent me an email last night saying:

You okay with me publishing the following tomorrow? Don’t want to overstep, so asking first.”

I then proceeded to read the greatest piece of literature ever written.2

I wrote back:

“I got teary eyed reading that. Please, publish that motherfucker.”

Thanks Pete (and Mark). That meant a lot to me.3

Social Media Shenanigans



I love this slide on scapular winging. Mostly because I look jacked, but also because it’s a term that’s vomited out there by personal trainers & coaches without much thought. Dr. @quinn.henochdpt notes that while it is a thing (congruence between the rib cage and shoulder blade)…REAL scapular winging is a medical diagnosis where the Long Thoracic Nerve fails at innervating the serratus anterior. Much of the time what’s “diagnosed” as scapular winging isn’t really much of anything and nothing more than a lack of tension and motor control that can be addressed rather easily. In this pic I’m using a ground based movement first, a side lying bottoms up kettlebell swivel and press, to teach context of tension and CONTROL of movement. No scapular winging. Weird. Stop tossing out words and terms that likely don’t mean anything and giving everyone the sense they’re broken. They’re not. They (probably) don’t need 37 different corrective exercises to fix their winging. They just need to learn how to do a push up correctly or something.

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  1. They could be giving out free tickets to a Jennifer Lopez wet t-shirt contest and I’d still avoid it like the plague. And yes, it’s not lost on me that Disney World is family friendly and they’d never host a wet t-shirt contest. It’s my fantasy. Shut up.

  2. Only a slight exaggeration. Slight.

  3. Also, “was” a weirdo? Was? I’m still pretty freakin weird, thank you very much

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