Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/25/17

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I have to go to a wedding this weekend. In Albany, NY.

Can you sense my excitement?

I can think of a thousand and one other things I’d rather do: watch paint dry, talk about my feelings, jump into a shark’s mouth, anything.

I’ve still got some packing to do and other odds and ends to complete today so lets jump into this week’s list.


1) Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Orlando

There’s only less than two weeks left to take advantage of the Early Bird rate for Dean Somerset and I’s workshop in Orlando, at Spark Fitness, the weekend of October 21st.

I’ve never been to Orlando. I bet it’s going to be beautiful in October. Yet, there’s no way in hell I’m visiting Disney World.1

You can go HERE for more details and to sign up.

HEADS UP: We’ve also added Boston into the mix later this year. Not Burlington Boston or Beverly Boston, two cities that are lovely, albeit not (that) close to Boston.

No, this is IN Boston. In the heart of the city Boston, at AMP Fitness.

Early bird rate is in effect now and if you’re super eager to sign-up you can go HERE.

2) Strong Body-Strong Mind – Toronto

For real this time.

This was supposed to happen this past June, but Lisa and I didn’t have a passport for our little guy (then four months old) when we arrived at the airport and we had to cancel last minute.

Our bad.

We’ve re-scheduled for Saturday, September 23rd at Humber College in Toronto, Ontario. I can tell you – and I’m totally not biased when I say this (but I am) – there’s no other workshop like this in the fitness industry.

Lisa and I saw an underserved component within the industry – namely, mental skills – and we’ve combined our superpowers skill-sets to provide a 1-day curriculum that will help fitness professionals develop better skills to build competency, autonomy, and rapport with their clients, in addition to coaching skills (assessment, program design, exercise technique).

You can go HERE to register.

NOTE: the registration process is a little bit tricky and if you get to the point where you feel like you’re going to toss your face into the keyboard, please contact Bradley Corcoran at:

Hope to see you there.

3) Elite Fitness & Performance Summit – Chicago


I’ll be in Chicago this September alongside some other phenomenal speakers for the Elite Fitness & Performance Summit. The cast includes:

  • Nick Tumminello
  • Mark Fisher (if I have to follow him on stage I’m going to be pissed)
  • Josh Henkin
  • Nick Berry
  • Molly Galbraith
  • Krista Scott-Dixon
  • Ryan Ketchum

And many, many more.  It’s one of the most action-packed fitness events of the year, so be sure to reserve your seat ASAP. You can go HERE to do so.

Stuff to Read

The Best Damn Workout Plan for Natural Lifters – Christian Thibaudeau

Awesome stuff from Coach Thibs.

I’ve had a few of my male clients implement this program and they love it.

It’s Time to Let Your Asshat Friends Go – Louie Guarino

For starters: kudos to Louie for using the word “asshat” in the title.

Second: many, MANY of you reading with fat loss goals can and will commiserate with this article.

F*** Exercise, Try This Instead – Krista Scott-Dixon

Fun Tony factoid: (Krista’s site) was one of the first fitness blogs I ever started reading. It’s also where the seeds were planted on this whole idea of infotainment and how I got into writing myself.

She’s an amazing writer and very knowledgable coach. And she swears. She’s good people.

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My client Sara didn’t think she was lean. I showed her this video of her back during a set of wide-grip pull-ups. Sara…don’t be cra cra…😉

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  1. Mariah Carey could step into a time machine, come back as early 90’s Mariah Carey, sing all her hits “Emotions,” “Dreamlover,” “Vision of Love,” “Hero,” “Tony Will You Make Out With Me?” and I still wouldn’t step foot in that place. Okay, maybe for ten minutes.

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