Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 10/13/17

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Anyone see Blade Runner 2049 yet? I heard it’s amazing, which doesn’t surprise me considering the director, Denis Villeneuve, hasn’t made a bad movie yet (Prisoners, Sicario, Arrival).

My movie watching prowess has been slacking of late due to the little nugget, but I think Lisa and I are going to try to make plans to see it this week.

Others on the “to see” list: mother!, Battle of the Sexes, and Brad’s Status. Any other suggestions?

Lets get to this week’s list.



1) Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Boston (Early Bird Rate Ending)


The Early Bird rate ($100 off) for the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Workshop in Boston is ending this weekend.

This will likely be mine and Dean’s last hoorah with this workshop. We’ve been doing it for close to three years and it’s time to turn the page and drum up a new topic and curriculum.

Since it’ll likely be our last go we’re not holding back: I hear there will be disco balls, black lights, laser shows, and coffee.

Go HERE for all the deets, and hope to see you there.

2) The Last Jedi Official Trailer


I’ll go see that, I guess.

3) I Got Memed

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work

How to Lose 10 lbs of Fat Forever – T-Nation

I was asked to contribute to this one, which also includes insights for many other heavy hitters in the industry: Paul Carter, Dr. Lonnie Lowery, Mark Dugdale, TC Luoma, Christian Thibaudeau, Amit Sapir, Chris Colucci, Dani Shugart, Akash Vaghela, and Mike T. Nelson.

Peak Shoulder Performance – Dan Pope & Dave Tilley

I’ve been diving into this material and it’s outstanding. Any coach or trainer who’s interested in dialing in their game with regards to shoulder assessment, corrective exercise, and programming strategies would gain a lot of insights from this resource.

Dan and Dave work with a plethora of overhead and CrossFit athletes, in addition to gymnasts at Champion Physical Therapy & Performance just outside Boston so they know shoulders.

It’s on sale the rest of this week ($100 off).

You only have a few more days to take advantage.

3 Popular Exercises I Am No Longer Using – Mike Reinold

Mike starts off with a bang with this article – punching a sacred cow right in the keester. I always appreciate his insights and knowledge.

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Had a guy come in this past weekend for an impromptu assessment from West Palm Beach who mentioned a history of low back issues (specifically SI joint stuff). When I looked at his squat (top pic) I noticed a tendency of over-exaggerating the cue to posteriorly tilt the pelvis via excessive “glute gripping.” While I wouldn’t go so far to say this was definitively the root of his issues, it certainly wasn’t doing his SI joint any favors. Remember: the cue to posteriorly tilt is (mostly) to nudge people back to a neutral spine position who overextend. The low back can (and should) still be in APT. APT is normal. Instead, what I had him do is learn to brace his abs a bit more (and create more of a flexion moment) as he set up to squat. Doing THAT helps prevent any excessive APT from happening. Excessive being the key word here. You can notice the marked improvement in pelvic positioning in the bottom picture. From there I told him to try to maintain that position (canister) and to “pull down” into the squat. Things felt much better. We high-fived.

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