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Training Over 40 Doesn’t Mean Your Life Is Over

My name is Tony Gentilcore and I am over 40 years old. 41 to be exact. Old enough to remember when He-Man ruled Saturday morning cartoons, Back to the Future was released in theaters, and when shows like Knight Rider and Air Wolf were network tv staples. Too, I’m also the same age now that, in some demented version… Read more

Top 3 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Clients

Man, I’ve got a treat for everyone today. Charles Staley, mentor, strength and conditioning connoisseur, and titan in this industry, reached out recently and asked if he could write a little sumthin, sumthin for the site. Is water wet? Is grass green? Is Aragorn, also known as Strider, and son of Arathorn II, the High… Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 12/8/17

T-minus one week until The Last Jedi comes out. Wanna know what’s ironic? I’m not seeing it next weekend. Bull to the shit, right? It’s a chorus of a few things coming into play: waiting too long to attempt to get tix, having to play catch-up on a few things, and, you know, life. So,… Read more

Sex In the Industry: Why Men Need to Lean In and Listen

Today’s post is a teachable moment. At least I hope it will be. It covers an uncomfortable albeit important topic and something that, up until this past weekend, I thought I’d never get called out for. And that is…. The sexualization of women in the fitness industry.   Last weekend I presented at the NSCA… Read more

Women and Hypertrophy: Why Should Jill Get Jacked?

I train a lot of women. In fact, if I broke down my client roster I’d say it’s about a 50/49/1% split (women/men/Centaur). I live in a little strength & conditioning bubble where the bulk of women I work with don’t blink an eye at the idea of adding muscle to their frame. In fact,… Read more

Why Is It So Hard To Be Healthy?

Being or not being healthy, by and large, is rarely an information problem. Most people know regular physical activity is good for their health, as is not crushing an entire bag of Doritos right before bed. Why, then, are so many of us struggling with attaining a “healthy” lifestyle? Simple (but not really): Lack of… Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 12/1/17

I’m sitting here in my hotel room as I type this, in my comfy bed, enjoying SportCenter, and getting mentally prepared for this weekend’s NSCA Mid-Atlantic Conference I’m speaking at. I’ve got two presentations prepared and there always seems to be some tweaking and fine-tuning involved up until it’s “go” time: Shuffling slides. Changing titles…. Read more