Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 12/1/17

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I’m sitting here in my hotel room as I type this, in my comfy bed, enjoying SportCenter, and getting mentally prepared for this weekend’s NSCA Mid-Atlantic Conference I’m speaking at.

I’ve got two presentations prepared and there always seems to be some tweaking and fine-tuning involved up until it’s “go” time:

  • Shuffling slides.
  • Changing titles.
  • Shirt or no shirt?

You know, stuff like that.

So while I hunker down and do all of that, why don’t you enjoy this week’s list of stuff to read.


But First

1. Coaching Competency Workshop – Dallas, TX

I’ll be in Dallas, TX later this month to put on my Coaching Competency Workshop. I’ll break down assessment in addition to troubleshooting common strength-based exercises such as deadlifts, squats, shoulder-friendly pressing.

This is ideal for any personal trainer, coach, or regular ol’ Joe or Jane looking to learn more on my coaching process.

Details above, but you can purchase HERE.

2) The Right Way to Fail a Squat

Failing or missing a lift is rarely ideal.

However, it’s always best to be prepared for when the shit hits the fan.

Read THIS article I wrote for Men’s Health on how to fail a squat properly.

3) Ben Bruno’s Stache


This was a great video by Ben Bruno detailing two tricks on how to improve grip on the deadlift. But more importantly, kudos to his epic mustache.

Stuff To Read

All Pain, No Gain: Why the High-Intensity Training Obsession Has Failed Us All – Joel Jamieson

Mostly, in part, to the rise in popularity of things like CrossFit, Tabata Training, and bootcamps…by and large people are training harder than ever before.

Putting oneself through brutal or intense workouts is the metric many now use to gauge its effectiveness.

Joel sounds off on why we may have gotten it all wrong.

Getting Started In Strength Training Later In Life – Brandon Morrison

Is the secret to a youthful look and vibrance eating organic, gluten free sawdust chips and/or daily kale enemas?


It’s the the lifting lifestyle: regular strength training, and the decent diet that comes with it.

Better Than Regular Squats – Charles Staley

The case for touch-n-go box squats. Thanks for writing this Charles.

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