I Did a Podcast With Lee Boyce

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I’ve been woefully vacant with writing content of late, and I am so sorry.

Life. Is. Busy.

As I type these words I’m sitting in Logan Airport waiting for my flight to Philly where I’ll be speaking at the Mid-Atlantic NSCA Conference this weekend.

Who ever thought that having a 10-month old cruising around the apartment would be time consuming?

Oh, and it’s my Birthday today.1

So, yeah….unfortunately, writing has been taking a back seat to other shenanigans of late. I hope to be picking up the pace soon though.


In the Meantime

All of this isn’t to imply I haven’t been busy in other avenues of fitness. Last week I was invited back onto the Cut the S#!t Get Fit Podcast with host Rafal Matuszewski.

This time, though, there was a special circumstance.

Almost as special as a double rainbow.

I was part of a DOUBLE GUEST episode alongside my man Lee Boyce.

We had a blast.

We spent the first 15 or so minutes catching up and discussing our favorite movies and tv shows of 2017. You know, important shit that any fitness podcast would want to cover.

But after that we get into the nitty gritty particulars of lifting heavy things and just go off.

So sit back, relax, and listen to the succulent sounds of strength & conditioning’s version of Ebony and Ivory.

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  1. Cue chorus line from In Da Club by 50 Cent.

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