Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 5/25/18

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It’s Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to those who have had loved ones, friends, or colleagues serve and make the ultimate sacrifice.

And, thanks you everyone currently serving.

No witty intro this week, lets get right to it.


1. Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Dates/Locations Announced

Dean Somerset and I are currently in the throes of drumming up new content for our staple workshop series.

We’ve presented this workshop all over the world – London, Vancouver, Oslo, Prague, Boston, LA, Hoth – and even turned it into a popular digital product HERE so everyone can enjoy it.

We’ve already nailed down dates in Slovenia, Houston, and LA this fall (2018) and are also in talks to bring it to Detroit, Philadelphia, Edmonton, Australia, and Singapore in 2019.

If you’re someone who’d like to host this event/participate in a tickle fight please reach out to either Dean or myself.

Go HERE to register in the announced cities.

2. Strong Body-Strong Mind – Bonn, Germany

My wife and I will be in Bonn, Germany on Saturday, June 30 to put on our 1-day Strong Body-Strong Mind workshop.

I’ll be speaking to assessment, coaching up common strength exercises (squats, deadlifts), and how to better “match” your programs to your client’s abilities and goals.

Lisa will be discussing how to better manage client expectations, motivation, and how to adopt better mindset strategies for success.

And then we’ll have a beer….;o)

Spots are limited and the Early Bird rate is still in effect (but not for long).

For more details (including itinerary and registration) go HERE.

3. 2-Day London Workshop w/ Luke Worthington

^^^ It’s so good we didn’t even feel the need to come up with a witty title for it.

After my workshop in Germany I head over to London to take part in a 2-day event (the weekend of July 7th) with my friend and colleague (and handsomest man alive) Luke Worthington.

This one is filling up fast…..go HERE for more info.


5 Types of Squats for Runners: More Variation, More Strength – Jason Fitzgerald

I may as well quote myself from the very article:

“Moreover, runners can always benefit from more force. Squats help make people stronger, which in turn helps to generate more force. As a runner, if you’re able to put more force into the ground to propel yourself forward, the likelihood you’ll see faster race times is pretty high.

Please don’t tell me squats will make you slower. They won’t.”

A Trainer’s Guide to Protein – Mike T. Nelson

Any fitness professional worth his or her’s weight in chicken breasts knows that one of the more challenging aspects of the job is helping clients get dialed in with their nutrition.

Inevitably one of the questions you’re bound to hear is “how much protein should I be eating?” or “which sources are best?” or “will eating too much protein make my kidneys shit a kidney?” 

Dr. Mike T. Nelson answers all your questions here.

How to Do a Goblet Squat, From the Man Who Invented the Move – Dan John

I’ve taught hundreds (if not thousands) of people to squat in mere minutes by using the Goblet Squat.

Thank you Dan John.

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