Day 3: Bonn Day

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Guten Morgan! Julian, Eileen, and Tony slept well.

Me, not so much, but what can you do?

Luckily, my life-long love affair with coffee sustains me in times like this, so I was awake at 4:30 and up at 5:30am dosing myself, while the family slumbered.

After a few cups of coffee and a slice of amazing German bread, I went back to sleep at 7:30, and awoken by Julian at 10:30 (thank the Universe for 12 hours of sleep for the baby!) We realized Julian was down to his last few diapers, and that I had just used the last coffee filter (!!!), so we headed out to buy some of each. Do you know that Every. Thing. Is closed on Sunday in Germany?!

I did not believe it was not possible to buy a diaper – but believe it! I did find some coffee filters in a gas station (Aha! At least the gas station is open) but no diapers. So we counted the last 4 and hoped this would not become an issue…

Due to everyone sleeping in, we got a late start, and headed into Valentina’s gym for a jet-lag rehab workout. Unique fitness is gorgeous! And the workout really helped – chin ups, bench press, deadlift, swings… and everything feels 30% better! Tony, Eileen and I all got in our workout while Julian observed (and napped more!) in his stroller.

After the workout and a quick shower we were out to sightsee in Bonn! A cute little city, one of the major tourist attractions is the birthplace of Beethoven. Tony and Eileen went inside to visit, and due to the no-stroller accessibility situation, Jules and I hung out on the street and watched the tourists come to take photos of the front door

After some walking around, Valentina recommended a restaurant on the other side of the Rhine, with amazing food! So of course, we made the trek, and by the time we arrived we were starving!

But the walk was totally worth it.

Owned by a husband and wife team, this was “The” place to get Schnitzel, if you want good Schnitzel… So of course, I had to get Schnitzel! I opted, of course, for the “Classic Schnitzel” which is veal, with bits of bacon on top, because why not? This was accompanied with potatoes, naturally.

One thing I love about the area is the beer – Kolsch.

If you are a local, you drink a small glass of Kolsch, which is light, and because it’s in a small glass, it’s always cold and bubbly. So you have a little beer, then another, and then maybe if you want, another.

So you’re never drinking “too much” beer, and your never drinking warm or flat beer – brilliant!

Apparently other kinds of Germans make fun of drinking light, easy-drinking beer out of small glasses, but I loved it!

Anyways, after dinner I was SOOOO full I was ready to sleep right there! But we left and made the journey back home to our Airbnb.

Goodnight, and fingers crossed for some sleep!

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