30 Days of Deadlifts: Days 11-20

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There are many things in life I enjoy:

  • Dead animal flesh.
  • A good Jason Bourne fight scene.
  • Making my two-year old laugh.
  • Filling my wife’s love tank by making the bed every morning.

Few things give me as much jubilation as deadlifts, though. I like performing them, I like coaching them, I like dreaming about them, and I like writing about them.

I did a series on Instagram not too long ago called “30 Days of Deadlifts.”

Each day, for 30 days, but not necessarily in a row, I provided a quick 60 second programming note, technique consideration, and/or general piece of advice on the deadlift.

It was a big hit.

So much in fact that T-Nation.com asked to repurpose the whole enchilada to use on their site; albeit I’d expound on things a bit more in exchange for them tidying up my prose.

Here’s Part II (or Days 11-20).

—> BOOM, Shaka-Laka <—

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