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Deadlifts, Dogs and Dad Jokes

I’ve had what can only be described as a tsunami of requests to appear on various podcasts in recents weeks. I don’t mind it though: 1️⃣ It’s a welcome stroke to my ego to be in demand. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!! 2️⃣ How could I possibly say no to a show titled Deadlifts, Dogs, & Dad… Read more

1-Minute Deadlift Tip: The Power of the Slow Start

Slow Start Deadlift Whenever someone rounds their back on a deadlift two things happen: A baby seal dies. I have to fight off the urge to throw my face into a fire. Caveats exist, however. Everyone at some point will round their back. Elite lifters will do it – sometimes on purpose – to lock… Read more

1-Minute Deadlift Tip: Pause Reps

Do Paused Deadlifts I’m a firm believer in many things: The Earth is round. The Bourne Ultimatum is the best Bourne movie. And most accessory work should address a weakness or technique flaw with one of your main lifts. Enter paused deadlifts. There’s no sugar coating here: these can be absolutely brutal, but they accomplish… Read more

Using Fillers In Your Programs: Deadlifts

I had a gentleman come in for an assessment recently who, upon arriving, provided me with a laundry list of injuries and maladies that have hampered his ability to workout for quite some time. The list he handed over would have prompted fist bumps from Tolstoy or Tolkien from its grandiosity in description and length…. Read more

30 Days of Deadlifts: Days 11-20

There are many things in life I enjoy: Dead animal flesh. A good Jason Bourne fight scene. Making my two-year old laugh. Filling my wife’s love tank by making the bed every morning. Few things give me as much jubilation as deadlifts, though. I like performing them, I like coaching them, I like dreaming about… Read more

Lets Pump the Brakes Internet: No, Deadlifts Won’t Make Your Spine Explode. And No, Not Everyone Has to Do Them

The internet is a funny place. Regardless of the topic – Presidential elections, Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter, GMOs, or debating the original Star Wars trilogy vs. the prequels – people tend to marry themselves to extremes. They’re either way over on the left or way the eff over on the right. There’s… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 6/6/14

Sorry gotta keep this quick today.  I just got done coaching bootcamps and I’ve got a 1PM appointment to get to, which only leaves me 30 minutes to post this, take a shower, solve some long division, and then try to catch the T.  Ahhhhhhhhh. 9 Essential Strength Benchmarks for Women – Patrick Striet Loved… Read more

Strengthen Your “Secret” Deadlifting Muscles

OMG – I just completed an awesome bench session with Greg Robins and Jamie Smith, and after mustering up enough energy to drag myself to my office I turned on my laptop to check emails and received a note that my latest article on T-Nation just went live. Sha-zam! I know what some of you… Read more