Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: Happy 4th Everyone!

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Happy day before 4th of July!  I might as well take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy 4th now (remember: firecrackers aren’t toys!), because the likelihood that I’ll even open up my laptop tomorrow is slim to none.  I believe the game plan for Lisa and I is to pack a cooler and head to the South Shore for a little beach action tomorrow.

Which means, of course, that I’ll be taking myself through a little “beach workout” today at the facility.  Sun’s out Guns out!

Don’t judge me!  You know you’re going to do the exact same thing today.

Anyhoo, here’s some stuff to read to keep you occupied until your boss leaves work early, and then you hightail it out there yourself.


Book Review: Michael Moss’ Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us – Dr. Yoni Freedhoff

I recently read this book not too long ago- and subsequently made my girlfriend read it as well (who then recommended it to a few of her friends) – and thought it was an absurdly fascinating (and scary) look into the food industry.

Basically the food industry is hoodwinking us in more ways than one.

If you eat food – and I know you do – I can’t recommend this book enough.

Strong is the New Skinny – Sophieologie

I’m s sucker for any article which encourages women to think that lifting (appreciable) weights is a good thing.  So a hardy internet “slow clap” goes out to Sophia for writing this baller article.

What’s even more interesting than the article itself (and it IS a good one), is some of the commentary in the comments section. I often find it comical (and at the same time sad) that some women read a piece like this and act as if someone clubbed a baby seal.

Many will go off on some tired tirade on women’s rights, “HOW DARE YOU BASH SKINNY WOMEN!!!”, blah blah blah…….when that’s not even the point of the article in the first place.  Stop the freakin ballyhooing!

As Sophia noted is the endnotes: strong is not a body type, it’s an ability.

Want to Deadlift Everyday? – Todd Bumgardner

Uh, does a bear shit in the woods?  Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?

Hell yeah I want to deadlift everyday!

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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  • Barath

    Hey Tony, Apropos of nothing, how's your 600 lb DL plan coming along? It might be interesting to a lot of readers (including myself) if you would write up a blog post about your training lately (I don't mean like sets/reps etc., but how you plan to approach your goal - a global view, if you will :) ).

    July 3, 2013 at 10:14 am | Reply to this comment

  • Danielle D

    that article about 'strong is the new skinny' was great message for all types of women, even those who already subscribe to that mantra, but wheeeeeeewww those comments right out of the gate got out of control. makes me sad that the point was missed by so many!

    July 3, 2013 at 10:21 am | Reply to this comment

    • TonyGentilcore

      My thoughts exactly. It's a perfect example of people only reading what they WANT to read. It's like the main point of the article went waaaaay the fuck over their heads.

      July 5, 2013 at 8:00 am | Reply to this comment

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