Pull-Throughs for Elite Strength

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“It’s Fourth of July, I think I’m gonna try to eat clean today.”

– Said no one. Ever.

Like many of you reading I’m recovering from a day of gluttony.  Although giving myself some credit, I wasn’t all that bad.  Instead of hitting up a few BBQs, Lisa and I decided to keep our Fourth a bit more low key and opted to head to the beach instead.

We packed a cooler full of fruit, chicken, guacamole, and Coke Zeros (we like to live lifer dangerously), along with some summer reading material (I was finishing up the book Decisive, Lisa was reading whatever it is girls read on the beach) and we soaked up some vitamin D.

When we got back into the city, though, I treated myself to an ice-cream sundae and then crushed an entire bag of honey wheat pretzels.  Holla!

In any case I’m not going out of my way to do a bunch of work today, and as such I’m just going to link to an article I had published on T-Nation the other day on the pull-through (which I feel is one of the most UNDERrated exercises out there).

I hope you  check it out, and I’ll be back on Monday with some new content!

Pull-Throughs for Elite Strength <=== Click Me


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