Deadlifts, Dogs and Dad Jokes

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I’ve had what can only be described as a tsunami of requests to appear on various podcasts in recents weeks. I don’t mind it though:

1️⃣ It’s a welcome stroke to my ego to be in demand. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!!

2️⃣ How could I possibly say no to a show titled Deadlifts, Dogs, & Dad Jokes?

…how baller of a name for a podcast is that?

The only way it would speak more toward my love language is if they replaced “dogs” with “Dagny” (my cat’s name) and also added & Gruyere Cheese at the end.1

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Deadlifts, Dogs & Dad Jokes

This was a neat experience as podcasts go because while everyone involved is a fitness professional to some capacity, we spent very little time on traditional fitness talking points

There was no talk about deadlift set-up, I think we purposely avoided the fact I have a cat (haha), and, well, you’ll have to wait till the end to hear my dad joke.

In the meantime I think you’ll enjoy the refreshing chat amongst dudes talking family, how the pandemic has affected our respective businesses, as well as an EPIC rapid fire question palooza at the end.

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  1. It ruins the alliterative tone, but that’s cool because Gruyere is fucking delicious.

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