Chalk Strength Podcast w/ Simon Bungate

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First things first, an apology.

I have been woefully delinquent – bordering negligent – on providing my own content on the site of late.1 I’d like to sit here and say it’s because of a noble cause like spending my time reading scripture to orphaned kittens or, I don’t know, writing a screenplay.

But all I can chalk it up to is entrepreneurial shenanigans. I’m actually flirting with the idea of finding a larger space for CORE here in Boston which is equal parts exciting and sphincter clenching. I’ve been prospecting a few potential locations in addition to going back and forth with my realtor and accountant to make sure I’m not being an asshole. So, yeah, that’s been taking up a lot of my time in the past few weeks.2

While I haven’t been doing much writing, I have, however, been making the rounds on several popular podcasts. My most recent cameo was this past Friday on the Chalk Strength Podcast with Simon Bungate.

Chalk Strength Podcast

Simon is actually hosting Dean Somerset and myself this July at his Sydney, Australia based gym, Clean Shred, for our (Even More) Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint.

Go HERE for more details.

NOTE: Dean and I will also be in Melbourne, Australia (along with Dr. Lisa Lewis) the following weekend. Details for that are also in the link above.

I took a little time to discuss the workshop and what Dean and I will cover, but the bulk of mine and Simon’s conversation stemmed around business; Namely my time with Cressey Sports Performance, how there was a lot of “luck” on my end in terms of being involved with the it’s roots, and what spurned me leaving in 2015 to go off on my own.

We also riff on the fitness industry in general, which is always fun.

You can check out the episode HERE.

Alternatively, if you’re an Apple snob, you can listen and download the episode HERE on iTunes (Episode #33).

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  1. A massive hat tip to all the coaches who have gone out of their way to offer guests posts in recent weeks. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you.

  2. Someone, please, talk me out of it.

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