Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 4/5/19

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1. (Even More) Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – 2019 Locations & Dates

Philadelphia, PA: April 27-28th

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: May 25-26th

Sydney, Australia: July 13-14th

Melbourne, Australia: July 19-21st (<— JUST ADDED. Includes bonus “Psyche Skills for Fitness Pros” pre-workshop with Dr. Lisa Lewis).

This workshop will piggyback on the material Dean Somerset and I covered in the original Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint.

With this iteration, though, we’ll be going a bit deeper into the coaching and programming side of things:

  • How to program around common injuries.
  • How to “connect” the appropriate exercises to the client/athlete.
  • How to really add value with your assessment process.
  • How to squat and deadlift like a boss.

Find out more details HERE.

2. Strategic Strength Workshop – Boston, MA

Luke and I did this workshop last summer in London and figured it’s only fair to bring it State side.

Combined we have 30+ years of coaching experience (I.e., one Mike Boyle or Dan John) and this workshop will be two days where we uncover every nook and cranny as it relates to how we assess our clients/athletes and how we best prepare them for the rigors of every day life/sport.

This will be a unique opportunity for people to learn from myself, but especially Luke, who is one of the best and brightest coaches I know.

For more information and to register you can go HERE.





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30 Days of Shoulders. . Day 11: Is the Bench Press Hurting Your Shoulders, or Is What You’re Doing Hurting Your Shoulders (Check Your Setup Edition)? . For shoulder health reasons you want the shoulder blades to be able to move: Retract, protract, upwardly rotate, downwardly rotate, all of it. . To lift heavy things, however, we need to pin those bad boys down. . Whenever I start working with someone and they mention how bench pressing always bothers their shoulder, rather than bog them down with a litany of corrective exercises they’re not going to do I’ll instead audit their technique; in particular their initial setup. . I want the shoulder blades to be TOGETHER and DOWN. . This is crucial to help “save” your shoulders during the bench press. . Also, wearing cool ass t-shirts help too.

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The Simplest Way to Stop Your Knees From Caving In When You Squat – Lana Sova

Don’t let your knees cave in.

Spread the floor.


All our cues we use ad nauseam to help prevent our client’s knees from buckling when performing squats. There’s actually a simpler way. It takes a degree of up-front coaching, but it’s time well spent.

Lana lets you in on the “secret” in this article.

Why “Kids Are Just Lazy Nowadays” Isn’t An Excuse – Erica Suter

Cue slow clap………


Protect Your Back With These 4 Strength Coach Secrets – Lee Boyce

Low back pain sucks donkey balls.

It’s not a death sentence.

You do have to be proactive.

Solid tips from Lee in this article.

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