Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 5/3/19

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1. (Even More) Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – 2019 Locations & Dates

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: May 25-26th (<– EARLY BIRD rate ends this weekend).

Sydney, Australia: July 13-14th at Clean Shred.

Melbourne, Australia: July 19-21st and Melbourne Strength & Conditioning. (<—  Includes bonus “Psych Skills for Fitness Pros” pre-workshop with Dr. Lisa Lewis).

This workshop will piggyback on the material Dean Somerset and I covered in the original Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint.

With this iteration, though, we’ll be going a bit deeper into the coaching and programming side of things:

  • How to program around common injuries.
  • How to “connect” the appropriate exercises to the client/athlete.
  • How to really add value with your assessment process.
  • How to squat and deadlift like a boss.

Find out more details HERE.

2. Strategic Strength Workshop – Boston, MA

NOTE: The Early Bird rate of $100 OFF the regular price ends THIS WEEKEND (May 5th)

Luke and I did this workshop last summer in London and figured it’s only fair to bring it State side.

Combined we have 30+ years of coaching experience (I.e., one Mike Boyle or Dan John) and this workshop will be two days where we uncover every nook and cranny as it relates to how we assess our clients/athletes and how we best prepare them for the rigors of every day life/sport.

This will be a unique opportunity for people to learn from myself, but especially Luke, who is one of the best and brightest coaches I know. This will be his first time teaching in the States.

For more information and to register you can go HERE.

3.  FREE E-Course for Online Trainers via Online Trainer Academy

This is a free self-paced mini-course from Jon Goodman and his team at the Online Trainer Academy. They are the experts who have helped more fitness pros transition to online training than every other company and coach combined.

You will learn:

1. The systems you need to repeatedly generate clients.
2. The marketing know-how to ethically and douchily (<– my word, not their’s) attract the right people.
3. The tools to get high-paying clients.
4.  An action plan to make it all happen.

—> Click here to get your free online training career blueprint





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And she’s off! . Dr. @lilew13 is out the door heading to Kansas City to present at this year’s The Fitness Summit. . I’m so excited for her and can’t wait for fitness professionals to hear her message on how to better foster motivation with their clients/athletes. . Mom’s away so Julian and I will probably be running around with scissors and stuff.

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Your Guide to Partial Range of Motion Exercises  – Aleisha Fetters

Nice synopsis of why (and when) utilizing partial range of motion exercises can be beneficial for strength and muscle building.

The Joy of Being a Woman With Muscles – Emily Beers

Because, fuck what others think (<— my quote, not the author’s).

Stop Doing That, Start Doing This –

Here’s another compilation article I was part of via Some great insights courtesy of coaches such as Lee Boyce, Eric Bach, Nick Tumminello, and others.

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