Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 6/7/19

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1. (Even More) Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Workshop – 2019 Locations & Dates

Sydney, Australia: July 13-14th at Clean Shred.

Melbourne, Australia: July 19-21st and Melbourne Strength & Conditioning. (<—  Includes bonus “Psych Skills for Fitness Pros” pre-workshop with Dr. Lisa Lewis).

This workshop will piggyback on the material Dean Somerset and I covered in the original Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint.

With this iteration, though, we’ll be going a bit deeper into the coaching and programming side of things:

  • How to program around common injuries.
  • How to “connect” the appropriate exercises to the client/athlete.
  • How to really add value with your assessment process.
  • How to squat and deadlift like a boss.

Find out more details HERE.

2. Strong Body-Strong Mind Workshop – Chicago, IL

This will be the only time Dr. Lisa Lewis and I will be presenting this workshop together in 2019. In previous years we’ve presented it in Boston, London, Toronto, Bonn (Germany),  and Austin, TX.

This 1-day workshop is targeted towards fitness professionals and digs a little deeper into what really “bogs” them down and stresses them out….

…their clients!

Click THIS link for more details on topics covered as well as date/cost/location.





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Julian’s shirt was a hit at @mygymboston today. . However, @bretcontreras1 was a bigger hit. Another dad struck up a conversation with me and we inevitably started talking about working out. . Him: “What do you think of hip thrusts?” . Me: “I know a guy.”…😉

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How to Tame Your Negative Thinking – Dr. Lisa Lewis (Fitness Simplified Podcast)

In this episode, Dr. Lewis and host Kim Schlag discuss spotting, stopping, and reframing negative thinking, along with a potpourri of other psychological topics.

Great listen for fitness pros and fitness enthusiasts alike.

NOTE: If you prefer not to listen to this episode on iTunes you can go HERE.

5 Quick(ish) Thoughts On Luck, Survival, and Success – Mark Fisher

Mark is a wizard (and wordsmith) when it comes to offering actionable business advice to fitness pros.

Do yourself a favor and read this.

6 Ways to Spot a Lousy Personal Trainer – Tony Bonvechio

I’d also add: “thinks kipping pull-ups are a real exercise.”

I keed, I keed.1

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