Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 7/5/19

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I realize I have been very delinquent in keeping up with any semblance of consistent writing of late and I apologize.

I’m within the throes of getting ready for my Australia trip next week making sure client programs are updated and that I complete a few lingering projects before I leave.

Namely, preparing myself in the event a spider the size of a Volkswagon decides to cross paths with me while I am down there.

Nevertheless, onto this week’s stuff to read.

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1. Strong Body-Strong Mind Workshop – Chicago, IL (w/ Dr. Lisa Lewis)

This will be the only time Dr. Lisa Lewis and I will be presenting this workshop together in 2019. In previous years we’ve presented it in Boston, London, Toronto, Bonn (Germany),  and Austin, TX.

This 1-day workshop is targeted towards fitness professionals and digs a little deeper into what really “bogs” them down and stresses them out….

…their clients!

Click THIS link for more details on topics covered as well as date/cost/location.

2. Physical Preparation Podcast w/ Mike Robertson

I spent 60 minutes catching up with my good friend (and fellow 90’s hip-hop fan), Mike Robertson, last week on his popular podcast.

In this episode we discuss gym ownership, the different between training gen pop clients and athletes, and WU-TANG!





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Squat Tip #2: Face Forward (For the Love of God) . I think the end of the video gets my point across…😉

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Why You’re Not Making Progress – Melanie Redd

HINT: It’s not that lack of detox teas.

Let’s Stop Cliche-ing Failure and Be Human – Julia Eyre

Failure is what allows us grow.

Learning to fail (well) is a good thing.

Love this message from Julia.

Fat Shaming is in Bad Taste. Lets Not Move to Fit Shaming – Lee Boyce

“I’m all for no judgement, but if someone’s being kicked out of a gym for looking too intimidating, how different is that really from telling a large woman doing a conditioning workout in a sports bra and shorts that she should cover up?”

I appreciate Lee’s willingness to discuss hard, abstract topics that have no clear “right” answer.

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