Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/23/19

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1. Coaching Competency – Dublin, Ireland

This is happening Sunday, September 8, 2019 (Early Bird rate ends THIS WEEKEND)

Save $100

Register HERE

So what happens when a room full of Irish(w0)men find out I’m not much of a drinker?…;o)

Whether you get paid to tell people to lift heavy things or you just like to lift heavy things yourself, in this 1-day workshop you’ll get the opportunity to listen to me talk about my how I approach assessment and gain a better understanding of how I “match” the exercises I prescribe to better fit the needs, ability level, and more importantly, the anatomy of each individual I work work.

In short, this workshop looks at the “umbrella theme” of my coaching philosophy.

For more information – including itinerary and how to register – go HERE.

3. Strategic Strength Workshop – London, England

This is happening the weekend of September 14-15th, 2019.

Register HERE

Luke Worthington and I have presented this workshop twice. Once in London last year and again this past June in Boston.

We’re bringing it back to London this Fall, my most favorite place in the world.

This two-day workshop is designed to arm fitness professionals with all the tools they’ll need to hone their assessment skills and to make their clients/athletes a bunch of bonafide, resilient, strength training Terminators.

Combined Luke and I have ~40 years of coaching experience (or one Dan John) and bring different perspectives and skill-sets to the table; Luke peels back the onion on PRI (Postural Restoration Institute) concepts and assessment, while I go into detail breaking down movement and how to better “match” the exercises we prescribe to our clients.

For more information – including itinerary and how to register – you can go HERE.





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Yesterday was a good day. . Because my client @lollercoaster24 hit her first 200 lb deadlift. . I think Cristy – sitting in the background and clapping – was most excited of all. . Speaks to the power of training amongst your “tribe” and surrounding yourself around supportive people who will push and encourage you. . SIDE NOTE: This wasn’t even a planned PR attempt. Maura crushed last week’s numbers, she was feeling good yesterday, so I was like “screw it, let’s go for 200.” . 💪💪💪

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Beyonce’s Coachella Diet is Now for Sale. Should You Try It? – Stephanie Hnatiuk

I hope this doesn’t send the “Beyhive” after me.

As with most “fad diets and books” this is one you should likely avoid.

Fair and honest critique from Stephanie in this article.

The Heels Elevated Squat – Julie Read

Awesome article (and anatomy lesson) from Julie in this one.

PS: I admire Julie’s writing and drawing skills. I can draw stick figures.

Why Kids Need to Roughhouse – Brandon Hall

This article deserves an infinity number of slow claps.

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  • John Roberts

    The title of this article caught my attention, "stuff to read while pretending to work"; the content of the article got me to stay. I suppose it was that Irish sense of humor shining through. When I first got into training it was because of being underweight. I never wanted to get in to strength training, but everytime I take a break and come back. I still can't help thinking in terms of numbers. Oh, and unlike yourself - I am partial to a few beers & I'm Irish, but I'd rather count my numbers going up on the big 3 lifts than count me pints down the local lmao

    August 27, 2019 at 11:30 am | Reply to this comment

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