30 Days of Shoulders: Days 11-20

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I’m writing this from my most favorite place in the world…

…a room full of cute and cuddly kittens.

Just kidding, I’m in London.

I’m here because I have a few speaking engagements lined up –  a half-day Shoulder workshop for a crew of Equinox trainers in Kensington on Saturday, my Coaching Competency Workshop in Dublin on Sunday, and then mine and Luke Worthington’s Strategic Strength Workshop back here in London next week.

Spots are still available for both the Dublin and London events (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).1

I just checked into my hotel after an overnight flight from Boston and I feel like a zombie.

Needless to say I am not in the writing mood, but I do\ have a little sumthin, sumthin to share today.

30 Days of Shoulders: Days 11-20

This is Part II of my latest series over at T-Nation.com dealing with anything and everything shoulders: How to make them bigger, how to make them feel less like a bag of dicks, you know, the usual.

You can check it out —> HERE (also includes link to Part I in case you missed it).

Enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for Part III coming next week!

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  1. Oh, you can’t make it? WELL I DIDN’T WANT TO HANG OUT WITH YOU ANYWAY. YOU’RE RUINING MY LIFE  (slams door)

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