3 Psych Skills for Strength Training

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Don’t Roll Your Eyes. This Stuff Works

It was a beautiful Fall day in Boston. My wife and I were walking home one night after running a few errands and she could sense I was a bit “off.”

I hadn’t spoken much, which, in of itself wasn’t unusual. But as we were crossing the street, infant in tow, her Spidey-sense psychotherapist intuition kicked in:

Her: “Okay, what’s on your mind?”

Me: “It sounds silly, but I’m nervous about my lift tomorrow. It’s THE day.”

Her: “The day?”

Me: “Yeah, I’m testing my deadlift tomorrow and making a go for 600 lbs. I’m just really nervous and anxious about tomorrow.”

[SIDE NOTE: The 600 lb deadlift had been a long-standing goal of mine and something that had been alluding me for a few years. I finally hired my own coach – Greg Robins of The Strength House – to take over my programming and it was time to test the fruits of my labor).

Her: “What are you nervous about?”

Me: “That I won’t hit it, that I won’t hit my goal. I’m nervous about failing.”

Her: “Have you worked hard?”

Me: “Yes.”

Her: “Have you followed your program?”

Me: “Yes.”

Her: “Have you hit all your reps leading up to this point?

Me: “Yes.”

Her: “Then what’s the problem? You’ve prepared. You’re ready. You’ve got this.”

Me: “I am so turned out right now. Let’s go make out.”

Okay, that last part didn’t happen.1

But what did happen was that my psychologist wife punched my proverbial negative self-thinking asshatedness in the mouth and I went to the gym the following day and did this:

3 Psych Skills for Strength Training

We’re often our own worst enemy. We humans have a knack for playing mental mind-games with ourselves that can ignite all sorts of clusterfuckery into the mix.

It can stagnate and impair progress.

It can suck.

My wife is the shit (<– I’m biased) and she’s awesome at what she does. A meathead and former high-level athlete herself she has a unique way of incorporating her expertise as a mental health therapist and applying it towards enhanced performance in the weight room.

I can attest that this stuff works.

Check out her latest article on T-Nation.com which goes into more detail  – HERE.

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  1. Or, did it?

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