Best Articles of the Year 2019: Readers’ Picks

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While 2019 saw me writing less due to a multitude of factors (travel, gym expansion shenanigans, fighting crime, and life) it was still a very successful year on the content front.

Here are the most popular posts from the past trip around the sun based off web traffic.

Best of 2019 – Readers’ Picks

The Anti-Highlight Reel 

Social media has allowed us to magnify our wins and highlights, almost to uncanny levels of eye rolling. In this post, however, I highlight my FAILS.

Alignment Affects ROM

Before we have a discussion on what to smash, thrash, and otherwise demolish when we see a mobility deficit lets pump the brakes and emphasize ALIGNMENT.

Individualizing Your Squat Stance

The Dubious D Word of the Fitness Industry

Douche? No.

Detox? Nope.

Dick pic? Uhhh, nada.  Although, this is an obvious no-no.

It’s “dysfunction” and why we should make a better effort in not using it in front of our clients.

One Simple Piece of Advice for Fit Pros to Consider in 2019: Put Your Clothes On

I entered curmudgeon territory with this post.

Meh, get off my lawn.

Get Your Hips Nice-n-Juicy Prior to Your Lower Body Workout

A quick, expedited warm-up to do before your killer squat and/or deadlift session.

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