Best Articles of the Year 2019: My Picks

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Earlier this week I highlighted the best articles of 2019 as indicated by web traffic and what resonated with you, my loyal readers.

In case you missed it you can check it out HERE.

Today, however, I’d like to point your direction towards MY picks. Because, you know, I’m awesome.

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Best Articles of 2019: My Picks

An Open Letter to New Fitness Professionals

Don’t worry, my advice doesn’t include a Van Damme punch to the mid-section…;o)

How to Get Your Clients to Work Harder

HINT: It doesn’t involve incorporating exercises pictured above.

You’re Probably Not Broken

I think the fitness industry has gotten a bit complacent of late and regurgitated words like “broken” or “dysfunction” in order to 1) make themselves sound smarter than they really are and 2) to “trick” (potential) clients into trusting them.

It’s a bunch of foo-foo nonsense.

Yeah, that’s right, I see foo-foo.

Achieving a Goal vs. Achieving Success: My Take

We often get enamored with goals.

They’re important and a crucial component of attaining our health/fitness/life goals. However, achieving SUCCESS and understanding that that feeling is all around us in unexpected places is just as important; if not more so.

Dangers of the Discount Trainer

There’s a time and place for everything (except another Michael Bay Transformers movie), including discounting your pricing as personal trainer.

I’d caution against making it a regular practice, though.

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