Best Articles of the Year 2019: Guest Posts

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The week between Christmas and New Year’s I like to highlight a select number of articles featured on my site during the past 365 days.

First up were the the articles that resonated with you, the reader, as defined by analytics and what piqued your interest…HERE.

Next up were the articles that resonated with me and filled my writer’s love tank…HERE.

Today I’d like to direct your attention to the best GUEST POSTS of 2019.

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Best Articles of  2019: Guest Posts

The State of Corrective Fitness 2019 – Kevin Mullins

This was FOUR part series DC based personal trainer, Kevin Mullins, wrote for the site that, if I were to be honest, is very much a Ken Burns’esque masterpiece.

IntroThe State of Corrective Fitness

Part ICorrecting the Shoulders

Part IICorrecting the Lower Back and Hips

Part IIICorrecting the Knees and Ankles

Individualizing Your Squat Stance – Sam Spinelli

Not everyone is meant to squat the same way or utilize the same variations. Here’s how to figure that shit out (my words, not Sam’s).

The Road to Recovery is Paved With More Training –  Michael Gregory

“Just rest” just isn’t going to cut it for most people.

What Makes an Athlete Fast? – Ricky Kompf

HINT: It’s not endless agility ladders drills and weekend speed camps.

The Lost Art of Adult Play – Shane McLean

As we grow older our fitness tends to get more and more robotic in nature. We sit in machines, performing endless, mindless repetitions, all while perusing our smart phones.

Shane showcases some ways to be less of a health/fitness zombie.

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