Stuff to Read While You’re Stuck at Home Not Wearing Pants: 4/24/20

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The Weekly Brief Update

Schools in Massachusetts have been officially closed for the remainder of the school year; day cares until at least June 29th.

While we’ve loved spending more time with our little guy the past five weeks, the realization that we’re not even half way through yet was like a brick to the face while getting kicked in the dick.

I know I am preaching to the choir and I know many people out there have it worse than we do, but damn…

…it was a morale suck to say the least.

We’re actually seriously considering packing our car and making the 24+ hour drive down to Florida. The prospect of having access to a yard, swimming pool, and a grandma for a few weeks sounds enticing.

At this point a thousand hang nails sounds enticing.

We’re 50/50 on whether we’re actually going to do it.

You’ll find out next week…;o)





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Assess ➡️ Re-Asses. . This isn’t a novel concept by any stretch, but it’s something many fitness pros fail to utilize when working with a new client. . The initial assessment shouldn’t be used as an opportunity to nitpick every… . ……….single . …………………thing that’s “wrong” with someone. . ❌ “Your left shoulder is internally rotated.” . ❌ “You present with a bit more anterior pelvic tilt.” . ❌ “Your right eye is lower than your left. That’s weird.” . The implication here is that all of these things are dysfunctional or have to be fixed. . Do they? . Maybe. Maybe not. . All I know is that making someone feel like a walking ball of fail the first hour they meet you isn’t a great stepping stone for building coach-client rapport. . If anything, if this is your approach, you’re likely coming across as a bonafide, uppity, a-hole. . Use your assessment to breed success. If you do find something awry, take a deep breath, it’ll be okay, implement a corrective, and then re-assess immediately thereafter. . If you’re able to demonstrate more range of motion, less effort to get to a certain ROM, make that ROM less painful, or, I don’t know, can add 50 lbs to someone’s deadlift by singing Bringing Sexy Back in Klingon… . …you’ve likely increased your chances of picking up a client. . Show them what they CAN do and stop highlighting what they CAN’T.

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The Shoulder Solution – Dr. Sarah Duvall

I love the opening sales line:

“Finally a shoulder course that’s not designed for pitchers.”

Sarah’s previous course – Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist – is the best continuing education course I have ever taken, and my eyes bulged when I saw she had released a new course (at $100 off the regular price no less).

This course is for trainers/coaches who work with moms (which is all of you).

Do yourself a favor and check it out.

(NOTE: link above is NOT an affiliate link).

The 10,000 Swing Kettlebell Workout: Revisited – Dan John

A timely update given the pickle we’re all in at the moment with limited access to barbells.

This Home Workout Experiment Could Transform the Way You Exercise – Craig Weller

This is brilliant!

Using “intermittent” activity to stay in shape.

Example: placing a kettlebell somewhere in your house where you know you’ll walk past it several times a day, and when you do, performing a few reps of swings, squats, or presses.

Many more potent examples in this article via the peeps at Precision Nutrition.

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