Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/21/20

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1. #Achillesgate2020 Update

Nothing too too new to brag about this week other than I WAS CLEARED TO DRIVE MOTHERFUCKAS.

Up until this past Tuesday I hadn’t been behind the wheel of a car since May 23rd. My wife has been carting me everywhere.

  • Babe, I need to go to work!
  • Babe, I need to meet my realtor to check out a new potential gym space!
  • Babe, I need eggs.
  • Babe, why are you walking toward me with a knife. Babe, BABE, noooooooooooo.

On top of that I’m pretty sure Lyft is still operating in Boston because of me.

So it was a nice reprieve and welcome change of pace to be able to drive this week.


2. You can now purchase CORE @ Home for whatever it is you want to pay.

During quarantine I started a platform where I’d deliver 20-40 minute workouts that could be performed in everyone’s living room using minimal equipment.

In all I curated 36 workouts using nothing but bodyweight, bands, and kettlebells and/or dumbbells. With many people still reticent to head back to their regular gyms (not to mention the scarcity of gym equipment out there to purchase) I figured this would be a nice opportunity to help.

Whether you want to spend $1 or $100, the workouts are ready and available to start.

For more information go HERE.





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This week the delightful @meghancallaway and I are collaborating on a series we think you’ll enjoy. . This is DAY TWO where we’re highlighting four innovative exercises for both the adductors and hip flexors. . 2️⃣ Seated Core Engaged Hip Flexor Lift Offs. . This exercise strengthens the hip flexors and abdominals and more or less “locks” you into place so you can’t cheat with your lower back (ya big jerk). . Coaching Tips (follow @meghancallaway to see tips for her exercise). 👇 To give credit where it’s due: I stole my exercise from friend and colleague @dougivsc . . The hip flexors can simultaneously be both tight and weak, and endless stretching is NOT the answer. . In fact it (may) be feeding one’s symptoms. . If you have back pain and have been stretching your hip flexors relentlessly since 2012 try this doozy instead. . Grab a foam roller, a light or average band, and a tennis ball. Wrap the band around a pair of J-hooks in a squat rack so that they match the length of the foam roller from the ground. . Sit down underneath the band with your legs in a V-shape and your torso as upright as possible; place a tennis balls to the side of your ankle. . With the foam roller upright and just in front of you press it UP into the band. . Oh shit, that’s a lot of tension! . That’s good – it’s the point and will make it harder for you to cheat. The added tension locks you in – abs on, ribs down. . From there you’ll “lift off” moving your foot over the tennis ball and back using ONLY your hip flexors to do so. . Perform 8-10 repetitions per direction. . . ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ #hipflexors #hipflexorstrength #hipstrength ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣#corestrengthening #coretraining #coreexercises #coreworkouts #abexercises #abworkouts #resistancebandsworkout

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Niched: Demystifying the World of Finance – Pete Dupuis/Sahil Bloom

Full Disclosure: Pete’s a good friend and former business partner of mine. His Niched podcast is excellent either way you slice it.

Sahil is also a good friend (and one of the first athletes I trained at Cressey Sports Performance). He’s now doing some pretty cool things in the world of finance, telling stories, and making it more palatable for us minions.

He’s been CRUSHING Twitter of late with his “Allegory of Finance” series. So much so that Sahil picked up a follow from Tim Cook. He’s now one of 69 people the CEO of Apple follows.

However, I’M only one of 48 people Sahil follows…;o)

A Step by Step Push-Up Progression List – Matthew Ibrahim

I’ve always stated that if one improves his or her’s ability to perform a GOOD push-up, pretty much every other lift will benefit from it as well.

Unfortunately, as much as push-ups are slept on because they’re deemed “too easy” or not worth our time, many, MANY people cannot perform them well.

This article will help.

Best Habit Advice Ever: Never Miss Twice – Mike T. Nelson

Loved this short and to the point blog post from Mike.

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