Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 9/25/20

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1. You can now purchase CORE @ Home for whatever it is you want to pay.

During quarantine I started a platform where I’d deliver 20-40 minute workouts that could be performed in everyone’s living room using minimal equipment.

In all I curated 36 workouts using nothing but bodyweight, bands, and kettlebells and/or dumbbells. With many people still reticent to head back to their regular gyms (not to mention the scarcity of gym equipment out there to purchase) I figured this would be a nice opportunity to help.

Whether you want to spend $1 or $100 (if the latter, we’ll be BFFs forever), the workouts are ready and available to start.

For more information go HERE.





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I’ll admit: I’m overacting a bit in the picture. You’d think I just fought Smaug and effed up my shoulder or something. . When in reality a “niggle” is nothing more than a nuisance. A minor “meh.” . You can still train, life goes on, but, you know, a niggle is a nagging annoyance. . Whenever this happens to me (or with one of my clients) one of my first interventions is to plant a few fillers, or low-grade activation/strengthening exercises – into the programming. . I often find I can utilize these drills as an “extension” of the actual program rather than sending someone into corrective exercise hell. . This is my preference rather than insinuating they’re a walking ball of fail and dysfunction. . So the next time one of your shoulders is subtlety barking at you (or one of your clients) try incorporating some of these: . 1️⃣ Prone Superman Rotations – I’m using a pair of @acumobility balls in my hands to increase tension (specifically irradiation for more rotator cuff activation) in addition to their Level 1 Band around my wrists. . 2️⃣ Hollow Position Pullaparts. . 3️⃣ Gripless Facepull to Z-Press. I’ve been using this drill a ton lately – just because it’s awesome – and my shoulders have been feeling fantastic. . 4️⃣ OITYTWIO – Sounds Elvish but I picked this one up from @sivan_fagan_fitness and I like it a lot. . 5️⃣ Band Distracted Reach – Again giving credit where’s it’s due: I picked this one up from @cliniconthegreenoxford . . This is a great drill to work on scapular upward rotation and using the band to provide juuuuust enough resistance helps with cleaning up the motion. I like to cue people to reach through the ceiling with their fingers. . Toss any of these drills in between sets of squats or deadlifts or whatever. . Or do them just because it’s Thursday. . The point of these, however, is to work on shit, but not fatigue yourself so that subsequent sets of the cool stuff is affected. . . #shoulderworkout #shouldermobility #shouldermobilityexercise #shouldertraining #shouldersworkout #shoulderrehab #shoulderhealth

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Try Online Trainer Academy For $0 – Jonathan Goodman

It’s never been more relevant to consider a more “hybrid” approach to your fitness business than now. COVID-19 has forced many gyms and personal trainers to shut down their in-person coaching intermittently, and in some cases permanently.

Having the ability to (smoothly) transition to more online options is likely going to be the key to long-term success in the industry moving forward.

You can do no better than the Online Trainer Academy – the OGs of online coaching.

TODAY is your last chance to take advantage of their $0 trial offer.

2 Ways to Increase Intensity Without Adding Weight – Shane McLean

Making it a point to add weight to the barbell over time is never a bad idea in terms of gauging progress.

It’s not the ONLY way however; especially if you want to save your joints (and soul).

Dynamic Training: Should You Be Doing It? – Chad Aichs

Force = mass x acceleration.

It’s physics (and a great conversation stimulator at the bars; when they open again).

But what does it really mean, and how can you apply it toward getting stronger?

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