The Easiest Way to Scale Your Fitness Business…Especially Now

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2020 has not been a favorable year for the masses.

In particular for fitness industry which has been decimated due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Many brick and mortar gyms (as well as commercial gyms) were forced to shut down indefinitely for several months – some, unfortunately, forever – due to the crisis. And as a result many fitness professionals have been forced to face a stark reality…

…that there’s an integral if not imperative impetus to adapt.

In short: It behooves every fit pro to consider adopting (or at least leaning into) a more “hybrid” approach to the services they offer and how they go about scaling and growing their business.

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The harsh reality is most people are not going back to the gym anytime soon. Certainly the bulk of that is due to the fact many don’t have a gym to go back to anyway, but also because there’s been a mad dash of everyone beginning to pimp out their respective at home gyms.

If there’s anything this dumpster fire of year has taught the fitness industry it’s that having the ability to provide a competent and streamlined ONLINE service to your current and prospective clients has never been more important.

I’ve long championed the idea that having a HYBRID fitness business – one that allows you to work with people both in person & online – is wise.



My first online client was back in 2005-2006.

  • Smart phones weren’t really that smart yet.
  • I used a carrier pigeon an Excel spreadsheet to deliver my programs.
  • Even more dumbfounding: My clients paid me via check through the regular mail.

The online space as come a looooooong ways since I first started.

More to the point: While there are a number of websites and resources out there that will help you get started, The Online Trainer Academy has had a several year head start on ALL of them and is really the only one I trust (not to mentions offers all the tools you’ll need to be successful).

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(A quick allegory: I know some will scoff at the cost after the free trial. But let’s put that into quick perspective. The TOTAL cost for the year would be roughly what ONE paying online client would pay you for three months of your services. If you pick up one paying client – and you most definitely will – the program will have paid for itself.

Smoke, smoke bomb, mic drop, exit stage left.)

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