Two More Podcast Appearances: Lift Free and Diet Hard AND Total Fitheads

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Two questions I’m often asked:

1️⃣ “Tony, how is it your pecs can cut diamonds?”

ANSWER: Equal parts I picked the right parents, never missing a universal bench day (every Monday) through the 90’s, and lastly…watching and rewinding incessantly the “Arnie gets tooled up” montage from the movie Commando.

Pecs by proxy.

2️⃣ “Tony, why don’t you start your own podcast?”

ANSWER: Because I’d rather jump into a shark’s mouth.

The only way I’d fathom starting my own podcast is if I could spend half of it talking about how to make people stronger than Mack trucks and the other half discussing geeky movie shenanigans like my favorite movie tracking shots (Copacabana nightclub scene from Goodfellas or the car attack/chase scene from Children of Men), or why it is J-Lo’s derriere hasn’t been given it’s own movie trilogy.

Come on Hollywood!

The truth, however, is that I don’t feel I’d be able to drum up enough interesting content to warrant a podcast. I’m a rather dull person.

As it happens, though, I’m invited onto 1-2 podcasts per month anyway…so I kinda already do have a podcast.

2 Most Recent Appearances

Total Fitheads Podcast

First up is the Total Fitheads Podcast hosted by Ali Spagnola and MaxNoSleeves (<– I honestly couldn’t find Max’s last name…haha).

(But, let’s be real: NoSleeves is baller and I can think of nothing cooler than putting some sort of moniker next to one’s name. Hmmm, I’m thinking TonyGiveMeAllTheCreatine might work. Yes, no, maybe so?).

Ali and Max are two meatheads who just like to invite cool & interesting people onto their show to talk shop. I had a blast recording this episode and really appreciated their spontaneity and spunk.

You can check out the audio recording HERE.

Or the video version here:


Lift Free & Diet Hard

Next up I was able to catch up with my friend Andrew Coates on his brand spankin new podcast. It’s so shiny and glorious and delicious (which doesn’t make any sense).

Andrew has very easy-going interview style and honestly believe he and I could have kept talking for another hour. But unless your name is Joe Rogen (or Space Ghost) no one listens to 2+ hour podcasts…;o)

You can listen in HERE.

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